Police Chase Crash

Andy Szabo/DruZed has just sent me these pics of a crash that took place about 12.50pm today in Hyde Vale. He believes the police were chasing a car but ended up crashing into it.

He says

“I heard an extremely loud bang and went outside to see the scene.¬†Apparently the car was hit by the police vehicle and spun around, the airbags being activated and an assailant running away.”

Richard tells me it was the result of an armed robbery – the perps got away, but left DNA. Quite a few parked cars damaged by the chase, apparently.

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10 Comments to “Police Chase Crash”

  1. Kat says:

    Ohh I always miss the drama! Shame the Perp got away though! grrr!

  2. Benedict says:

    Cor…all the action as it happens…

  3. tintinhaddock says:

    If I’d have realised Andy was taking photos I’d have held my stomach in.

  4. marmoset says:

    You can run but you just can’t Hyde

  5. Pointed says:

    Grand Theft Auto: Hyde Vale.

  6. Indigo says:

    Who was the victim of the armed robbery?

  7. Paul says:

    I heard it was Wickes.

    Poor staff, as I heard it was an armed robbery but really… Wickes?

  8. Elaine Marshall says:

    I’m afraid my year old Citroen C1 parked outside my house in Hyde Vale was one of the cars damaged by the police car- deep scores all along the driver’s side and sheered off wing mirror- but not as badly as my neighbour’s car whose front wheel was completely shattered. Fortunately no-one was hurt and the cars will be repaired at the police’s expense, but really police cars shouldn’t be using Hyde Vale as a race track!

  9. Well – to be fair, I assume that it was the perps using Hyde Vale as a race track. Does anyone know if they actually stole anything or hurt anyone?

  10. Bob Local says:

    The car was stolen and involved in a snatch of a Cash Box from Wickes.

    The Dude got away and the Box was empty anyway.

    No-one was hurt other than the culprit hopefully!