Pier update

For the many people (including myself) who have been wondering what the bloomin’ heck’s been going on at Greenwich Pier, a small update. Not sure if I’m supposed to reveal where I got this so I won’t.

Apparently the project’s been on hold pending financial agreements, tied to lettings within the buildings themselves. These were resolved back in the summer, and building work’s been going on – but the reason we’ve not been seeing anything is because it’s mainly been underground. The steel frame should be on site pretty much any day now when things will really start to hot-up. The shell is due to be completed in the summer. So however much we may like or dislike the planned building, something that’s finished and in use can only be better than a building site – and hopefully we’ll be getting the pier back – at least in some form – soonish.

12 Comments to “Pier update”

  1. Andrew says:

    The council licensing pages also show applications by Nando’s and Zizzi for plots on Greenwich Pier. I believe there are to be three plots in the new pier buildings. Anyone know who has the third?

  2. annabel says:

    I’m so glad to hear that, it really is an eye sore right now so I’m sure the result will look really nice. I know that nobody is impressed by it housing a restaurant chain but it will be a lovely location, overlooking the river.

  3. OldChina says:

    Are you saying there’s going to be a restaurant ON the pier?

    Over the weekend I was looking (through locked gates) at the derelict ground near the river in east Greenwich (around Christchurch Way). Does anyone know what the plans are for this ground? It’s a fantastic location and there are some superb empty old buildings along here going to ruin.

  4. Mazer says:

    Thank goodness something is happening at the pier! Was embarrassing taking visitors to the riverboat and ‘showing off’ that mess, and the shambolic closed foot tunnel too.

    The riverside will be unrecognisable in a few years, with the cruise liner port at enderby’s wharf and all the development from Convoys wharf in deptford all the way east Greenwich and the whole of the peninsula. Mainly it will be great as long as the riverside pathway is protected and the architecture isn’t vile or really bland (ref: boring designs for the school of architecture for stock well street).

    Old china – I think the site you refer to is the area that the next few blocks (taller) of Lovells Wharf will be built on ?

  5. OldChina says:

    Hi Mazer – oh dear, are yet more new apartments going up there? I was hoping some of the great old buildings along the river there would be saved. This is the bit between Banning St/ Christ Church Way and the river?


  6. sitdowncomedian says:

    I heard they have secured Nandos for the redvelopment.

  7. Adam says:

    I thought the Nando’s comment was a taunt, but here’s the scoop:


    I’m also disappointed we got Zizzi and not a Carluccio!

  8. Piratespatch says:

    A quick look today and the steel structure is almost up……

    very quick work and good to see progress.

    Also check out the progress vidoes of the sark on Youtube.

    One presumes they will start work on the sark Gardens soon also!

    Progress is afoot at last!

  9. Mazer says:

    Old china, yes unfortunately.

    I am all for sympathetic improvement but I liked the interesting industrial blend along the riverside. The blocks will be larger than the first occupied one, I personally think they are out of scale for the character and nature of area and better suited to the peninsular and not the East Greenwich stretch. Dessimation comes to mind…

  10. Hayley says:

    Have just noticed today the steel structure is going up at the pier. Hooray some progress at last!?!

  11. Dai Smile says:

    Frankie and Benney’s also on the list of Michelin-starred eateries such as Zizzi, Nando’s and Byron planned for the sympathetically-designed glass boxes.

  12. TranquilLeChat says:

    I was hoping that Nando’s was a rumour