Hearns Stores

Peter asks:

While clearing out our basement we found a bottle with a Malt Vinegar label from Hearn’s Stores, Westcombe Park, SE

We are trying to date the bottle , it seems SE as a single postcode went out in 1917 but can’t find any mention of Hearn’s Stores – have you heard of it? Our house was built c1890.

The Phantom replies:

Short answer, Peter, no…

But if I’m honest all I’ve really done is look in Neil Rhind’s Blackheath Village 2 and google it a bit. Work presses just at the moment. I guess much of it depends on how long Hearn’s was around as to whether anyone will remember it – if they croaked shortly after 1917, there won’t be that many people remember it, but if it went on until, say the 50s or 60s chances are someone might.

The Phantom Webmaster however, has been rifling through some old books and has found in Kelly’s Directory, 1902…

Hearn, Thos Jas, grocer, 27 Westcombe Hill, Blackheath SE
Hearn, Thos Jas, prov.stores, 104 Woolwich Rd, Greenwich SE
…hazarding the guess that it’s two branches of the same business. I’ll have to get out and see what’s at these two locations nowadays – as well as buy TPW a pint or two at the Old Brewery…

TPW tells me “Furthermore, in the 1921 London directory, there isn’t a Hearn-the-grocer any more but there is a Thomas Hearn who was the publican of the Star and Garter at 60 Woolwich Rd… He was still there in 1934 and 1938″

What a great thing to find in your cellar  - a little bit of Greenwich history. Can anyone help Peter out a little further here?

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HearnsStores peter lawrence detail
HearnsStores peter lawrence detail

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HearnsStores peter lawrence low

2 Comments to “Hearns Stores”

  1. valley_girl says:

    I’ve done a bit more digging in Kelly’s and have found that Mr TJ Hearn was still at 27 Westcombe Hill in 1906. In 1907 and 1908, it is Mrs TJ Hearn listed as proprietor. By the 1910 edition, I can’t see it listed anymore.

  2. Hils says:

    Very interesting – was it common for grocery stores to have their own bottle labels?