A Couple of Interesting Openings

I was only grumbling the other day that Greenwich doesn’t have a real wood-burning pizza place (save for Pizza Express, which you can find on any old high street.) I wanted a place that was ours, independent – and tasty.

Well, it looks as though I might just have my wish. Mike and I have been speculating for several weeks about what was going into the space that used to be Taste of India in Church Street, and the other day he actually went in and asked. He met Fabrizio, the owner of Bianco, which, fingers crossed, will be opening this Saturday if all their deliveries come on time. They already have a place in Leadenhall, but it feels like an independent affair – think of it as the pizza equivalent of Theatre of Wine opening a branch in Tufnell Park.

I have to say that the space they’ve inherited from Taste of India is, frankly, a bit bland for my liking, but ultimately if the pizzas are good, everything else can come later.

The other place I heard about is Lockskeys, opening in Trafalgar Road in what was the Mencap shop for absolutely yonks. The guys are ex-employees of Trafalgar Lock and Key Company, who were further into town along the same road, but who closed last December (strange – I thought the company was doing well – they only spruced up the shop a few months ago) leaving the staff and their combined 45 years of experience up the wazoo. 

They’ve done the brave thing, though, and set out on their own. And since they asked me so nicely to ‘announce’ their arrival, how could I refuse? Amanda tells me

“We offer a full key cutting & locksmith service. We also sell, repair & re-key all types of locks & safes. A Full range of key accessories, keys to code, ironmongery, the list is endless.”

I have a soft spot for people made redundant and setting out on their own and I wish Amanda and Co. the very best. Find them at 203 Trafalgar Road, Greenwich, SE10 9EQ, 020 8853 0764.

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19 Comments to “A Couple of Interesting Openings”

  1. scared of chives says:

    The West = independent pizza place
    The East = Key cutting place (next to a gambling arcade)


  2. Yeah – I hear you, SoC – but frankly these days I’m just glad to see anything at all opening in Traf Road – especially something that isn’t a dodgy takeaway.

  3. And – let’s face it – even the gambling arcade is shut now. As is the lap dancing club, the bookies, the offy and even a charity shop. Something – anything – is opening and I’m pleased.

  4. scared of chives says:

    ..good luck to them both, whatever.

  5. nathj says:

    I bought a a new lock from Lockskeys. They were friendly, helpful and reasonable in cost too.

    Hope it works out for them

  6. Paul T says:

    It’s a good little location for the pizza place – Taste of India was pleasant but undistinguished – so I hope it works out for them.

    And time to get some more keys, I guess.

  7. Alex Brooks says:

    But Dear Phantom was is opening up in place of the Pier Fish and Chip shop?

  8. To be honest, I don’t know. Last I saw it it was in such a state nothing was going to be opening there for a while yet…

  9. OldChina says:

    Not sure if I feel too excited about another Pizzeria as we already have Pizza Express (good) and La Cucina (less good) as well as countless fast food pizza places. Oh well, good luck to them.

    At least it’s not another Mexican restaurant, I guess. I hope they do better business than poor old Taste Of India which always looked empty.

  10. Alex Brooks says:


    Have to respectfully disagree and say that Pizza Express makes absolutely awful pizza. Chain restaurant crap.

  11. scared of chives says:

    If the food in the new place in Greenwich is anything like Ciro’s Pomodoro in Knightsbridge I’ll be happy… Ciro’s has a fish tank in an old piano – not that it makes the pizzas any nicer…but they’re great.

  12. Jo says:

    Frankly I’m so tired of Greenwich offering such a poor selection of decent restaurants (exceptions being Zin, The Old Brewery, Inside and and and.. ) that I’m really happy that something new is opening. Didn’t rate Taste of India at all I’m afraid.
    Will certainly give them a chance…

  13. OldChina says:

    Alex Brooks, I’m sure you’re right. After several years of living in Greenwich I’ve been to Pizza Express and La Cucina one time each, so I’m in no position to judge. I find I can make pizza at home for a fraction of the price and ten times nicer. I highly recommend the book “American Pie” by Peter Reinhart by the way.

    The places I “eat out” at most in Greenwich are the amazing stalls in Greenwich market at weekends.

  14. Jill says:

    Last night we wandered past bianco thought it was open so wandered in. A lady explained they didn’t open till tomorrow but please sit down and try our pizza and wine. Think it is the best pizza I have had in London never mind Greenwich. Good luck and looking forward to my next visit.

  15. OldChina says:

    Jill – what a great story! “We’re not open yet but come in anyway and we’ll cater for you”. I love that attitude and will definietly be popping in.

  16. Darren says:

    Noticed a sign on the Pier Fish and Chips saying it is due to reopen under the same management.

  17. chris says:

    we popped into Bianco on Saturday night, which was their opening.

    This place is not like pizza express or La Cucina (which hopefully will have to pull it socks up now). Freshly made pasta, good range of secondi (meat and fish) and an italian range of pizzas (ie no chicken).

    They had sold out of a couple of the handmade pastas by the time we got there (it was their first night), but what we had was very good italian. The brothers that own it also run a resturant in leadenhall market, so the quality should speak for itself.

    And surprisingly all at very good prices. We will be making an effort to visit this place regularly if saturday was anything to go by!!

  18. Jo says:

    Right, feel as though I now am able to comment as I just had lunch there! Delicious thin crust pizza, wonderful buffalo mozzarella and great squid starter (those were two separate starters btw- just in case anyone thought that was an odd combination). Great service. Will definitely go back!

  19. Matt says:

    Also went there on Saturday night. We had two pizzas and both really good. Its the sort of unpretentious place that concentrates on good food and doesnt charge the earth for it. Different to quite a few places in Greenwich over the recent years.

    It was a bit chaotic at times but in a charming way that only italians can master.

    If anything i can see the prices going up slightly over time. Best of luck to them – a great addition to Greenwich eateries.