Water, Water, Everywhere

Every night before I go to bed I brush my teeth. And like a good little Phantom I always turn off the tap while I’m actually doing the deed so as to conserve water, save the world, help the poor children in Africa, etc. etc. It makes me feel very smug.

Back on Christmas Eve, Darryl noticed a giant watermain burst just outside the Arches. He reported it to Thames Water. I noticed it a couple of days later myself, while I was in Theatre of Wine and they said they’d reported it too. Which makes three reports to Thames Water that I know of.

 I was walking past at around 1.30pm today and it’s still gushing gallons of drinking-quality water all the way down Trafalgar Road. And yet I notice it’s STILL not on their list of reported leaks.

Folks – will you join with me and bombard TW so that I can feel smug about saving water again? You can call them on 0800 714 614 or tweet-a-leak at @thameswater

8 Comments to “Water, Water, Everywhere”

  1. Alan Palmer says:

    The Thames Water site does show a leak in Nelson Road. but not Trafalgar Road. Is it perhaps the same one?

  2. Ros says:

    My boyfriend also reported it and was told that it had been reported and they were going out to look at it that day (1st Jan)

  3. Steve says:

    …they were going out to look at it that day (1st Jan)…

    “What d’ya reckon, John? Is that a leak?”

    “Yep, Mike. That’s a leak alright. Okay, where’s next?”

  4. [...] there for 12 days rather than 14. But I’m definitely not the only one to have reported it. The Greenwich Phantom has done the same. Indeed, the Phantom used the new-fangled Twitter to report [...]

  5. Mike says:

    Stop the clock! TW started to fix the leak at about 8:30 on Saturday night. Well. Done. Thames. Water.

  6. Adrian says:

    Don’t even start me on Thames Water. Went away on holiday last year to find my basement flooded due to a mains leak 200 yeards away up on Point Hill. Took them 3 attempts to find it and then they estimated it must have been leaking for weeks to get to my house at the bottom of the hill. Thanks goodness for our insurers as it cost 15k to repair all the damage!

  7. diane donohoe says:

    I also reported this to Thames Water, three times!!! They told me it’s not as easy as just going down there to fix it, they have to get permission from Greenwich Council to dig up the road. I told them to NEVER ask me to save water again!

  8. I also have it on good authority that the road guys from Greenwich Council were calling TW on the hour to tell them to fix it (obviously they have a vested interest – that amount of water going over a frozen road for weeks can only lead to potholes etc.) and were told that TW couldn’t fix the issue because there was traffic on the road. Go figure.