Weather Widget?

I keep getting emails from a company who have developed a weather widget that updates a forecast every 30mins and who want me to add it to the blog. I’m wondering whether you would find it useful or just another bit of noise on the page? 

And, fellow bloggers – what do you make of these things? I never really understand what all this embeddery business is about – I mean – what’s in it for the company to be repeatedly emailing me like this?

If it’s useful for you and it’s not going to embed something else horrid in the page, I’ll do it. If it’s just going to be an irritating thing in the sidebar, I’m quite happy to forget it…

Oh – it looks like this:

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weather widget
weather widget

7 Comments to “Weather Widget?”

  1. IanVisits says:

    Never really seen the point of weather widgets at all.

    If I want to know what the weather is right now, I look out of the window – if I want to know what it will be, I consult a mainstream news service.

    Some widgets can be genuinely useful for some websites, but not weather ones.

  2. Cheers Ian. Frankly I didn’t really see the point of it, but thought I’d ask…

  3. Benedict says:

    …Plus the fact that some of us are not in Greenwich (psyshically at least)and when I look outside today its -22 (with the wind chill)……so, no, not really a big help.

  4. Stephen says:

    Not for me thanks.

  5. we anchor in hope says:

    There’s a micro climate in Charlton which bears no resemblance to BBC weather forecasts so no thanx Phantom.

  6. If a company like this keeps sending you emails, then it’s a sure bet they want you more than you want them.

  7. I’ll take that as a no then…