Trusted Tradespeople

Folks – just thought I’d let you know that I’ve been updating the Trusted Tradespeople section. As regulars will know, there’s only one way to get into the section – by being great – and by being recommended by someone that I trust. That usually amounts to people who comment here, regularly, non-anonymously, so that I know you’re not the actual trader trying to make yourself look popular.

So – if you’re one of the people who write to me saying ‘I should be in your TT section,’ yes, perhaps you should. Keep being fantastic at what you do, and a Phantom Regular will recommend you.

I keep the section deliberately small. This is not a directory, it’s a list of recommendations. The usual caveats apply of course – service quality can go down as well as up, buyer beware etc. etc. Today I have made some additions – and one removal. Oh, that I could name and shame the companies that I don’t recommend on this site…

Oh. One quickie – I totally missed a query sent by Sheila about six months ago and have just found it (blush). Does anyone know of a floorlayer who can screed and lay lino and does not cost the earth?

3 Comments to “Trusted Tradespeople”

  1. Nick B says:

    Hi Phantom

    Thanks for updating. I recently used Dave the elctrician as a result of the page and he was great – super quick, reasonably priced and a friendly chap.

    I’ve now got an issue with a leaky roof though – so if you or anyone has any recommendations they’d be much appreciated.

  2. Nick – try Premier Roofing in Blackheath 0800 4580 649, who’ve been recommended. It they’re good for you too, let me know and I’ll pop ‘em in the TT.

  3. P & D says:

    I also used Dave Farrar and he was excellent. Highly recommended.