The Sexy Snow Goddess of Greenwich Park

Remember about three years ago when we got a dusting of snow and everyone went berserk photographing everything that had a dandruff of snow on it? A lovely Christmas card (one, count it…) was produced by Warwich Leadlay and I received about six of them from festive locals.

Then we got The Big Snowfall back in 2009 and we went mental trying to get every gorgeous shot of loveliness ever, thinking it was probably a one-off freak. Suddenly Greenwich market was full of fabulous snowy Christmas cards produced by anyone with a camera.

Then it snowed again. A bit greyer and a bit icier, but people still took pictures, and if you nip down to the market this weekend you’ll find plenty of choice.

Now it’s happened again and everyone just grumbles (legitimately, of course) about Southeastern.

I agree with them, naturally. Even if they can’t get a train or two going, they could at least try to get their story straight. I was nipping up between East Greenwich Library and the Standard yesterday, via the station, and met an old lady  who had been standing on the platform for an hour waiting for a train to Woolwich. I explained that I thought they had been suspended but she pointed at the boards which merely said ‘severe delays.’ She had (not unreasonably) assumed that that meant that if she stood in the freezing cold long enough a train would eventually come along. 

In the end I showed her where to find a bus but she still had the hill up to the station, icy and glasslike – Southeastern’s gritting  responsibility – to negotiate. Of course there was no one around to help her, give advice or even pop a bit of grit on the sloping ice rink that went down to Combedale Road. 

Oops – I’ve fallen into the trap myself – but it’s so easy to take a pop at Southeastern – they fail on so many levels. 

But I apologise. This picture’s what today’s post is about. This is the only picture anyone’s sent me of the snow this time (so far) – but it’s just fabulous. Dewi sent it to me – she and her girls saw it yesterday in Greenwich Park and she was wondering who created it and if there are any more. 

I’ve read Jack Gale’s eye-popping book about Holda, the snow goddess of Greenwich Park, but until now I’d thought it was all a bit unlikely. But this sexy figure makes me wonder. Isn’t she gorgeous? I wonder who created her. But then perhaps no one did and she’s just a force of Nature…

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sexy snow lady low
sexy snow lady low

6 Comments to “The Sexy Snow Goddess of Greenwich Park”

  1. marcelo says:

    fantastic! thanks!

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  3. Dazza says:

    As I travelled past Westcombe Station yesterday I too thought how bad it was that no-one had gritted the hill. Great going down but trying to walk up it must have been a task and a half.
    As for the snow pics, did you see the one on twitter of the giant hand on Blackheath? I’ll try to find it again and send you a link……

  4. Bad Witch says:

    Love that snow goddess!

  5. Raven says:

    It’s of course an Indian temple goddess (not clear on what she’s doing in Greenwich though…)