A Happy Christmas

I’m not sure why I chose this rather apocalyptic vision as my Christmas card to you all this year – don’t take it personally. As I am sure Miss J. Wilkinson of 69, Upper Stanhope St, Liverpool didn’t when she received it from her friend Maggie  ”with love and every good wish” in 1904. I can’t remember how it came to be in the Phantom postcard collection, but I can tell you it’s from a painting by Professor Van Hier of whom I had never heard before, and it’s called Moonlight over Greenwich.

Happy Christmas, folks.

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moonlight in greenwich low
moonlight in greenwich low

8 Comments to “A Happy Christmas”

  1. Robert Number16 says:

    Happy Christmas Phant from a very cold Cornwall xx

  2. Robert Number16 says:

    Just about to take Greenwich artist Anne Christoperson to the village church in Portscatho Cornwall where she now lives. She sends Love to all her friends in Greenwich as she hits her 90th year.

  3. And a very merry Christmas to you both, Robert! Looking forward to chatting to you in 2011

  4. Ebspig says:

    Yes, Happy Christmas to you DP (looking out of the window it was a prescient choice of card), and love and warmest regards to Mrs Christopherson.

  5. Dave48 says:

    Happy Christmas to you and all the “Phantomites”.

  6. Benedict says:

    Happy Christmas from Canada……

  7. neat says:

    Almost 20 years ago I lived and worked at the Tolly in Royal Hill. Spent a lovely Christmas there and a wonderful summer. I can still picture it today. I’m a long way from there now…all the best for 2011 everyone!

  8. Leondonet says:

    Happy Xmas and New Year. See my video of Greenwich covered in snow: http://www.youtube.com/leondonet?v=BilQ6bQjOvc