Ham Auction

You know something’s definitely in the air. Most of it’s snow, of course, but there’s something else too. There’s a certain festivity abroad. Twinkly Christmas trees in people’s houses, sparkly lights in shops – hell – Darryl over at 853 even just found a purple sequinned heart on his doorstep, which is clearly A Sign. Romance is just around the corner. I’ve told him to get the mistletoe ready and pucker up whenever anyone comes to the door, which may give the Red Cross chugger who’s just knocked on my door a bit of a thrill later on…

And to add to the fun, there’s a Ham Auction on. No, I don’t really know what one of those is either, but I’m sure it’s just about to become a Grand Greenwich Christmas Tradition.

The good burghers (or should I say ‘burgers’) over at the Friends of East Greenwich Pleasaunce have been given an oak smoked Christmas gammon  from Clarksons of Devon with a RRP of £80 (sell-by date 3rd Jan) which they’re going to be auctioning off to the highest email bidder by 10am Monday morning.

Apparently he’s quite a splendid fellow, weighing in at a mighty 10kg, so you’ll need one hell of a pot to boil it in but it would make a lovely addition to  a Christmas spread – plenty for Darryl and his romantic Red Cross Chugger to get their teeth into…

Darryl was moaning that he was the Grinch Who Stole the Christmas Heart (aww) so I thought the pic at the top of this post was about the best  I could get to illustrate this. I don’t believe the ham on offer is actually green. 

Offers of bids to pleasauncefriends@hotmail.co.uk

Offers of snogs should be directed to Darryl


This is the actual heart Darryl found. I think he needs to go from door to door to find the one soul it fits...

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This is the actual heart Darryl found. I think he needs to go from door to door to find the one soul it fits...



3 Comments to “Ham Auction”

  1. darryl says:

    Awww. Here’s the actual heart: http://yfrog.com/gyh4rij

  2. Thinking about it don’t you think a Ham Auction should be taking place in the American mid-west – right in between the barn raisin’ and the hoedown?

  3. Benedict says:

    Reminds me of the meat raffle they used to have at my old working mens club…..I could sure use a ham right now, nigh on impossible to get one thats not cooked here.