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Every so often my inbox gets so clogged up even I’m ashamed, so today I’m going to try to clear at least a few of the (cough) 406 starred items that ‘need attention’ in my mail. Getting it down to under 400 would be a start. I apologise for the other hundreds I won’t get around to today. 

So – firstly, I’ve got two educational asks, which I’m passing directly on – I have no idea about education in Greenwich these days.

Firstly, at the entry level, Nicholas, who lives in West Greenwich, says:

“My wife recently gave birth to a beautiful girl. We obviously want to raise her here, in Greenwich. I tried to search your website about any references about nurseries but could not find. Would you (or your readers) know / recommend and good nursery in the area?”

I wish you Phantasmagorical congratulations, Nicholas, but I have no idea about nurseries. I bet someone here has, though…

Right at the other end of the educational scale, Martin asks:

“Could you put the word out for a recommended A level maths tutor? Someone who can explain the subject clearly. Ideally close to West Greenwich.”

I hand the challenge over to you, folks…

6 Comments to “Educational Asks”

  1. Plummy Mummy says:

    On the nurseries front – some tips:
    1. It’s a very personal thing which nursery will work for your child so I’m afraid you have to visit them and get a feel for them.
    2. The greenwich gov site lists all the nurseries by area.
    3. Also consider sending her to a childminder as some of them give more one to one attention than a nursery could.
    4. Ofsted have reports for nurseries too and I believe this includes private ones.

    We were very worried about sending our tot to a nursery in Plumstead. However, in the end we found a really good one where she could just go for a few hours, for a few days a week. We had to put her name down fairly early. They also catered for parents who wanted their kids in full time care from the earliest age. All the nurseries will tell you what their deadlines are and what hours they can offer. However, if cost is an issue, then you can get childcare vouchers to help (unless that’s been cut by the Tories).

    The best thing is to go to a lot of toddler/parent groups and get to know other local mums/dads as they can give you first hand knowledge.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Kratch says:


    There used to be a search mechanism on the Ofsted website – if you input your postcode, the nearest nurseries would come up and then could have a look at their Ofsteds.

    Depends what kind of nursery you’re looking for. If it’s childcare so both of you can work, Robert Owen in East Greenwich is the best around. It has a great Ofsted, and is very competitive price-wise.

    Otherwise, lots of the primary schools round here have nurseries or pre-schools, e.g. Meridian, where my children went. In-school nurseries only offer childcare for a few hours each day, but the nursery is bright and airy, with a lovely garden where the children can grow their own, and it prepares them well for moving up to primary school.

    Good luck!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I’d probably back up what everyone else has said it really depends on your child and what is best for her.

    I’d also say that lots of the private nurseries have super long waiting lists and so it might be hard to find a space as many children get signed up before birth.

    Teddies is supposed to be good but i’ve also met two parents who withdrew thier children after a few weeks as they wern’t fitting in.

    There is also a new nursery opening up next year in blackheath which might still have places its called Zoom.

    Don’t discount the child minder option as well – Greenwich council publish a list each month of childminders who have vacancies.

    Lastly after visiting lots of nurseries and child minders we decided to opt for a nanny share – which we found through a website called – but you can also find things on netmums as well.

  4. Trevor says:

    How about Rachel McMillan nursery?

    Also an outstanding OFSTED…

  5. we anchor in hope says:

    I’d agree with Kratch. My daughter went to Meridian in Old Woolwich Road when she was 3 and continued with a very happy primary education there in an environment that was happy and familiar to her but stimulating.
    She’s now a hulking teenager and it’s hard to remember those early years!

    Good luck,

  6. MellowBellot says:

    Slight delay in my response, but as I have recently been through this process (my daughter starts nursery next year), I thought I would share my experiences. It may be too late for Nicholas but hopefully useful to others.

    We have a place at Robert Owen and are delighted. It’s a fantastic nursery and rated outstanding by Ofsted. More than just a nursery, the children’s centre host a range of community activities every day and have recently opened a cafe for all to use.

    However, we live very close and our friends in West Greenwich were told not to bother applying as proximity is the main criteria after siblings and any other social/special needs.

    We also applied to Teddies as a back up. I’ve heard good things, but it costs a lot more per day (approx £68 vs £38). It’s next to East Greenwich Pleasaunce and I often see Teddies staff taking children there.

    Two new nurseries have opened in East Greenwich recently. Springwell Day Care on Woolwich Road and SmartKidz on Old Woolwich Road next to Greenwich Auction House. I had a peek at Springwell before any children arrived and chose not to apply, but was very impressed with Smartkidz. The staff were really welcoming, the children seem happy and everything is shiny and new (well for now at least). They have limited outside space, but also take regular trips out. This nursery isn’t full yet but it’s worth getting forms in fairly soon as they’re filling up. £145 deposit (£100 of which is returnable when your child leaves or if you choose not to take the place).

    In west Greenwich there’s Smarteenies (fairly new) at the 10centre by the station – handy for the morning commute. A friend sends her son there and is fairly pleased.

    I have heard excellent reports from Rachel McMillan. I think there’s quite a waiting list though.

    Good luck.

    I’m off to buy a lottery ticket in the hope that I can one day afford a house within 270 metres of Halstow Primary School! ;-)