East Greenwich Farmers Market Cancelled

I guess it was inevitable, really. Sadly Halstow Road School just can’t get the snow shifted – and since London’s Ancient Weather God Peter Cockroft has just forecast ice and fog for tomorrow, the East Greenwich Farmer’s Market’s been cancelled. If you’re desperate you can go to Dulwich College Christmas fair where the stall holders will be, but I’m suspecting that most of us will prefer to trudge across the heath to Blackheath on Sunday morning instead. I haven’t heard that that’s affected. 

I thought you might need cheering up after that bit of grim news, so here is a picture of my advent calendar. As you can see, two out of the three windows so far are penguins dressed as choirboys. Is someone trying to tell me something?

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penguin choirboys
penguin choirboys

3 Comments to “East Greenwich Farmers Market Cancelled”

  1. Paul says:

    There is also the Enchanted Winter Fair and Craft Market this Sunday from 11am – 4pm at Woodlands, Hosted by Greenwich Steiner School.

    It was a great success last year.

    Where you find stalls with something for all

    For Children
    Imaginative Craft Activites
    Puppet Plays
    Gingerbread House Making
    Gnome Grotto

    For You
    Delicious Home Made Food
    Hot Waffles, Mince Pies & Hot Spiced Drinks
    Rhodes Bakery and Borough Market Food Stalls
    Festive Musical Performances & Singing

    For Gifts
    Hand-made Crafts & Felt
    Fair Trade & Wooden Toys
    Luxury Knitwear & Yarns
    Children’s & Natural Parenting Books

    It just a to minute snowy walk from Westcombe Park Station

  2. Benedict says:

    Ive got a funny feeling that you will end up with a whole choir of cross-dressing Penguins……

  3. kate p says:

    And also on sunday afternoon, there’s the East Greenwich Pleasaunce Carols. Because of the cold, it will be slightly briefer than originally planned.
    At 1pm the Orchard will be planted (this is a project with Project Westcombe – 6 fruit trees which should see fruit in 3 years!)
    At 2pm Santa will arrive
    2-2.30 Carols led by the Halstow Community Choir
    Err… that’s it… clear up and warm up!