I’m getting reports that someone was attacked in the car park of Greenwich Market last night. Apparently police and Scene of Crime officers have been there some time and I understand there’s someone in hospital – I’m just hoping it’s not too bad. I don’t have any more news…

2 Comments to “Attack”

  1. Hugh says:

    Yeah – There was a lot of action on the corner of Roan Street and St Alfege’s Passage this morning at 1am in the aftermath. The police chased down and caught at least one of the offenders, then searched the Churchyard. On my trip to Rhodes at about 7am, I asked the officer on duty at the scene of the crime, and he said it was a particularly nasty assault, but luckily not fatal.

  2. Dennis says:

    I slept through that one, although the Drunks had been making more noise than usual around midnight.

    In my limited experience (have only lived here five years) it does get a little nasty in the town centre during the run-up to Xmas. Recommend people are extra vigilant, especially late at night.