Advent Windows (3)

Bizarrely for the second time in three days, my advent calendar has shown a penguin dressed as a choirboy. I’m not sure what sort of Freudian message that’s supposed to be telling me, but I’m rather hoping not to make it a hat trick. People will talk. In the meanwhile, there’s A ‘Momentous Time That’s Coming’ at the Mitre, 291 Greenwich High Road,¬†at 7.00pm tonight. If there are penguins dressed as choirboys I’m going home.

“Advent has been the time of waiting for something momentous that is coming.”

2 Comments to “Advent Windows (3)”

  1. Ebspig says:

    Have torn up my Christmas card to you (it was a group of baby penguins dressed as …etc. etc.) Back to the drawing board.