Short Break

Folks, things at Phantom Towers have whipped themselves up to quite a crazy point and I’m going to have to take a break for a few days.

I’ll be back soon, promise, but for now I’ll just quickly mention a last-minute public meeting organised by people in West Greenwich who are opposed to the proposed pedestrianisation/traffic gyrations of Greenwich tonight at the (now) Prince of Greenwich pub on Royal Hill.  Attending will be:

John Comber, Director, Regeneration Enterprise & Skills (i.e. boss of the dept that includes Highways)

Mike Freestone, Senior Officer, Highways (in charge of pedestrianisation proposals – he’s the boss of the Officers & Consultants who were available at the Pedestrianisation Consultations)

Maureen O’Mara (Councillor West Greewnich)

Matthew Pennycook (Councillor West Greenwich)

6 Comments to “Short Break”

  1. Dazza says:

    I (and I’m sure many others) hope peace and tranquility return to Phantom Towers very soon.

  2. OldChina says:

    See you soon GP!

  3. OtoChan says:

    Oh! I just found your website… and now you’re taking a small break :(

  4. Steve says:

    Are there any minutes/reports around on the W Greenwich public meeting?

  5. Steve says:

    Cheers, Anon!