Phantom Pamphlets (2)

Following on from last week’s Phantom Pamphlet is a later leaflet, also from St Alfege’s Church, but this time from the 1970s. It was in a giant bundle of memorabilia I bought on Ebay from, if memory serves, somebody in the north of England. Every leaflet, pamphlet, flyer, info sheet, had the name ‘Beverley A Battersby,’ and the date on it. 

Bill tells me that Miss Battersby was a Greenwich resident who was a friend of Lambeth Palace Library and who donated items to St Andrews University Museum,  funds towards the refurbishment of the Royal Festival Hall and supported a tree in Hyde Park (see page 9 of the linked document). She died around 2006. How her effects ended up north I have no idea, but they now form the core of the Phantom Collection. It’s often entertaining reading as she makes her own notes in the margins (though not on this document.) I like to think she’d approve of my putting as many of them as I can online…

It’s handy that she dated this particular leaflet because there’s no date (nor attribution) on it – just the price, 3p, which makes it post 1971.

Miss B bought her copy on 16/06/74. It’s a useful addition to the earlier pamphlet as it describes some of the work done immediately following the 1951 publication. I’m rather hoping a new booklet will be created to coincide with the anniversary of t Alfege’s martyrdom in 2012.

Sorry about the tape marks – Miss B must have kept Sellotape in business, but it’s a godsend for me. She was particularly fond of taping little flyers and leaflets inside guidebooks, which meant that I got a bumper selection of really brilliant stuff when I came to open the pages.

More to come another day, but for now,here is Pamphlet Number Two…

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3 Comments to “Phantom Pamphlets (2)”

  1. Robert Number 16 says:

    Dear Phantom
    Further to your St Alfege`s Pamphlet. I was very keen to see the view from the top of ths scaffolding around the St Alfege Church spire.So I was thrilled when the powers that be said I could go up.( The scaffolding is now coming down slowly)I was given a very good tour by the very young project manager.I was lucky enough to have a movie camera so was able to record the amazing views and works being done. I guess these images should go into the Churches archive.The BBC have asked me to make a video record of Greenwich people`s veiws and happenings of the build up to the 2012 Olympics, (hence the camera) As 2012 is the anniversary of the martyrdom of St Alfege I thought I ought to have a bit of footage of the church.
    So if you have any strong views about the 2012 Olympics coming to Greenwich for or against. and don`t mind talking to a camera .Please do get intouch.

  2. Max Sang says:

    Battersby is a PROPER Northern name. There are loads of Battersbys in Manchester (where I grew up) so it’s possible she was originally from there.

  3. cerletone says:

    Not so much a pamphlet as a piece of paper. Wasn’t there a Les Battersby in Coronation street? Maybe she was related to him.