Phantom Pamphlets (1) St Alfeges Church

Today, folks, I’m delighted to bring you the first of what I’m hoping to make a regular occasional thing  and perhaps even a clickable feature on the site – PDFs of rare leaflets/pamphlets and other delights that are hard to find elsewhere.

Sometimes you just have to have the original article in your sweaty paw – and if that’s the case, then these pamphlets/leaflets/flyers will all be available if you look hard enough for them. Second hand shops, Abebooks and ebay are good bets.  But much of the time you just need to know the information – and a print-out will do just fine.

The idea with this is that if the originals are in my posession (or if someone generous sends me something lovely) and if they’re out of copyright, I’ll PDF-ise and make them available here for anyone who wants to read them.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time, and though they’ll be slow coming, (reaaaaaalllly slow – sorry) I hope they;ll be useful. They will always be in their entireity as I often find the best bits are in the notes, appendices and inside covers…

Of course I’m already breaking my own rules here, as this one theoretically isn’t out of copyright yet. So I’ve been chatting to the lovely folks at St Alfeges and we’ve come to an arrangement that I hope will make it available to even more people.

This pamphlet was created in 1951 as, I believe, a fundraiser to supplement the money promised by the War Damage Commission to help restore the church to its glory after being devastated in the war. It gives a history of the church, but it also discusses the damage that happened during WWII (though not, sadly, the details of the actual incidents. I’m guessing that was all just a little bit too close to home.) Don’t forget to read the foreward as it really gives the context for the rest.

Greenwich Parish Church is, frankly, cheaply produced. The early 50s were still a time of rationing, and the paper’s thin and shiny, the black and white photos grainy, but I feel this is all part of the pamphlet’s charm. You’ll note the price, though, doesn’t reflect this cheapness. Two shillings was a lot of money – which also adds to the history of it – this was a charity project, made to swell the coffers.

One of the problems I had was that there is no author named, so it’s impossible to be sure of any copyright issues. So, I made the suggestion to St Alfeges that we both use the PDF I make of it - so you’ll also find it available on their website too, along with a lot of other information. Don’t miss their section on the war damage, including a composite image of then and now. I’d like to thank everyone at St Alfeges for that, especially Rachel and Andrew, the churchwarden.

But I’ve gone on long enough - without further ado, find Phantom Pamphlet Number One here

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st alfege's booklet low
st alfege’s booklet low

4 Comments to “Phantom Pamphlets (1) St Alfeges Church”

  1. scared of chives says:

    nice work phants…

  2. tom says:

    Thanks for going to the effort – we were married in St. Alf’s and had never seen this pamphlete before.

  3. Mazehiller says:

    Love it ! Really like the short history of Greenwich, especially the pictures of the Tudor palace and the interesting Canadian link, thanks Phantom

  4. cerletone says:

    Very nice Phantom.

    I note that the 29th November 2010 marks the tercentenary of the storm that caused the collapse of the old church and led to the building of the current St Alfege’s Church, or St. Buddleia’s as I prefer to call it.