Moseley Row

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the name ‘Moseley?’

Yup, me too. Which is why I’ve always felt a little iffy walking through Moseley Row on the Peninsula, even though the spelling’s wrong. It’s clearly a modern road, so someone named this knowing full well the connotations the name carries. It’s been eating me up for some time, and I finally got round to tackling the issue the other day.

I made a cursory foray into various history books, to see if there was a famous Greenwichian Moseley, preferably nothing to do with Blackshirts or F1, but the most I could find was a mention of an Anne Moseley, spinster, in the Charlton church parish register. I’m sure Anne was a very nice Charlton spinster, but she didn’t sound the sort of person that late 20th Century road-namers would immediately choose.

It was Mary Mills who put me out of my misery and told me that the little road is named for her predecessor, Marian Moseley, who was Peninsula Ward councillor until her untimely death from a stroke, just before Christmas 1999.

Mary tells me Marian was a popular figure, who who worked in the local co-op bakery and lived on the Catelock estate with her sister Margaret.  With the shock of her passing, there was much local call for some kind of memorial to her life and work.

It was decided that one of the new Peninsula roads should be named after her, and everyone expected it to be ‘Marian Moseley Row.’ When it came to the grand unveiling, however, the sign revealed carried the shorter – and ever-so-slightly-disturbing ‘Moseley Row’. Perhaps Greenwich council place-naming office  misunderstood; perhaps they were trying to save on road-sign metal, who knows.

There was outrage, since despite the difference in spelling, frankly the lovely Marian wasn’t – and still isn’t – the first person who springs to mind on seeing that particular road sign but Mary and Co. were told it was too late to change it. Once a road sign is chosen, that’s it, apparently.

Be careful what you wish for, folks…

5 Comments to “Moseley Row”

  1. Benedict says:

    When I see that name , I always think of, Moseley Shoals, a great album by Ocean Colour Scene….( or the Gay Swimming Club in Birmingham…..)

  2. Kate says:

    Wow I am clearly the wrong generation, a bit too Northern or maybe just not very bright…but actually had to google Moseley Row to find out its connotations because it drew a complete blank with me. :-S

  3. Mary says:

    Kate – Don’t worry – I think you may be typical. I have been trying desperately to remember what happened. It is quite a long time ago now. I know we had some sort of meeting down in Moseley Row with Marian’s sister, and several of her friends. I can’t believe we left it there – and I think there was some sort of consultation with users. There can have been hardly anyone living there then so I am not sure who it was with. But, anyway, I think the answers all came back that it would be too much bother to change notepaper heading and that sort of thing. (sigh!)

  4. A pedant! says:

    Dear Mr Phantom Sir

    Just a little correction. It’s Caletock estate not Catelock. It’s the estate just to the north east of the junction of Blackwall Lane and Woolwich Road in east Greenwich and is alongside the Flamstead estate.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I feel the same as the Phantom. I live in Moseley Row and being “ethnic”, I was very aware of the connection.

    I didn’t know about Marian but I knew it didn’t relate to the other Mosley.