Ye Olde Window Cleaning Scam is Back

Yup folks, that old “I’m in the area cleaning windows, mate, gimme a tenner and I’ll do yours while I’m about it” wheeze is back – only this time he’s gone posh.

Those of us in East Greenwich are well aware of this particular cowboy, but I haven’t heard of him operating in the leafy streets of West Greenwich before. But Jolyon has just sent me this:

“I was stupidly conned yesterday by a guy calling round to offer to clean the windows. Chatted for a while, said he cleaned neighbours houses etc.. I dont know why, but I paid him £10 up front to come back to clean them today. Alas my windows are still dirty and the man is £10 richer! ”

You have been warned, folks.

9 Comments to “Ye Olde Window Cleaning Scam is Back”

  1. Brenda says:

    I cant believe someone in West Greenwich would be mad enough to hand over money before the job is done?!

  2. Dave says:

    What’s so special about West Greenwich when it comes to gullibilty ?

  3. Brenda says:

    It was a little jest Dave. I cant believe anyone from north, south, east or west Greenwich was gullible enough.

  4. Dennis says:

    Of course West Greenwich is on their rounds. I used to almost enjoy the annual call by the little ferrety guy, whose justification was always “we’re doing the winders in Gloucester Circus.”

    The upgraded version has been duly noted.

  5. Devonshire Drivel says:

    He “did” Devonshire Drive a couple of weekends ago. “Here missus your windows are filthy (that bit true) I’m doing the flats on monday I’ll pop over and do your front – it’ll be £10 -you can pay me now cos you’ll probably be out at work” Actually I’ll be in all day monday so just knock and I’ll pay you when they are done. I waited in hope but did not notice any sign of window cleaning at the flats and I still have the greyist windows in Greenwich.

  6. anonymous says:

    yeah my wife got done by this guy in west greenwich last summer. he was much posher then: dressed in a suit and it was £20 not £10!

  7. Lizzie says:

    Not sure if i was about to be scammed or not but similarish thing happened to me in “not quite Greenwich” (Charlton side of the Standard); white haired but youngish bloke knocked on door and said he had a round in the area and was coming back to do windows tomorrow and would I be ineterested? I asked who elses window he did in the area (not too shy to knock on a neighbours door for a recommendation). And he shiftily held up his invoice book. When I looked at it it was filled with addresses in St Joseph’s Close and when i said “oh so you’re just starting up round these streets then?” he was a bit non commital. When he told me how much (£30 and i don’t have many windows!) I said it sounded a bit expensive and he said “yeah but got to keep the van down there going” and waved his arm down down the street…I peered down the road…no van. He could see my frown and muttered something about coming back tomorrow and wandered off. I looked out a few mins later to see if he knocked on any other enighbours doors but he’d scarpered. Needless to say he didn’t reappear the next day. Luckily, I hadn’t handed any cash over but I might have done had TGP not mentioned this sort of scam before. Flippin menace….and i DO actually need a good window cleaner….any recommendations??

  8. Penny Lane says:

    Can anyone recommend a GOOD window cleaner?

  9. Paul T says:

    There are good window cleaners in Greenwich. Next time they call I’ll get a number.