The Mystery of the Turnpin Lane Eagle

Remember this, folks?

In case you can’t quite place it, it is – or at least was – in Turnpin Lane. I walked past on Saturday though, and this is what I saw:

I checked wit Paul at Greenwich Market – and it would seem that it’s not as sinister as I had feared. The eagle is merely in safekeeping while work is going on on the buildings. I am assured he will return soon.


But while we’re on the subject, I would love to know anything at all about it – I have no idea who put it there, how long it’s been there, or indeed why. I just can’t remember a time it wasn’t there – save now, of course.

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5 Comments to “The Mystery of the Turnpin Lane Eagle”

  1. Warren says:

    Edward R Dolby is the Resources Director at Greenwich Hospital (I met him when they had the plans on show for the refurb of the market) his email is

  2. Dazza says:

    Are we to really have a ‘wiped clean’ Greenwich? So much of the quirky has gone to make way for the bland.
    Greenwich was once renowned for its strange and wonderfully obtuse slant on all things, but now we are fast becoming another clone of ‘High Street, Everywhere’.
    I certainly don’t like the idea that our beloved greeting point, The Pier, is to be turned into another ‘Food Mall’ with a Nandos and Fancy Burger Restaurant to greet the unwary Tourist. (as reported by Rob @ If anything should go on there it should be a genteel Tea Rooms or similar.
    Can we please try to rescue the soul and reputation of our Quirky, Individual and therefore unique little enclave before all traces of what made us so different are wiped from our streets?
    Rant over, you may return to your day….thank you.

  3. Dennis says:

    Looks very like the emblem of Spread Eagle Yard. Wonder if it was connected to the coaching inn?

  4. Nick says:

    The eagle was first aquired by Joan Pickard in the 1970′s and placed above the shop. The shop sold clothes and second-hand goods back then when she first took it on. Before that it was part of the vegetable market (as was the whole market).

    Joan then rented the shop out to Elaine Marshall and the newly formed “Greenwich Printmakers” (now at no1 The Market) and the shop remained an art gallery when it was sub-let by Joan to the members of “Gallery Seven” in the 1980′s. They moved to Blackheath (near the “Standard” and later, I believe to the Isle of Wight.

    The shop became H2O Glass run by Helena & Oscar, who moved to Covent Garden and later Bluewater

    I rented the shop in 1998 and set up another artists co-operative (or should I say “uncooperative”!) called Greenwich Village Gallery and we used the eagle as a logo for a while. I took the lease off Joan, changed the name to Inspirations Contemporary Art, extended the back of the shop (“White Space Gallery”)in about 2006 before selling on to “So Organic” who named the shop “Eagle House”.

    They moved elsewhere in Greenwich and the shop has recently been taken over by “Miss Libby Rose” who have kept the “Eagle House” name and who are probably responsible for the refurb.

  5. Thank you so much Nick – that’s fascinating!