The Phantom Plaque Pincher of Olde Greenwich Towne

Remember this? The splendid moment back in March when Squeeze’s first gig was honoured with a commemorative plaque on the side of Greenwich Borough Hall? Warren sent me this fantastic photo of the chaps lined up in front of said plaque, and we all puffed out our chests in communal pride at our local lads done good.

Well, I have some bad news for you, guys. Alan contacted me last week to say he’d gone to get a snap of the plaque – and Quelle horreur! It had vanished! He could hardly believe it had been nicked, since it’s actually opposite the local nick.

Surely there had been some dreadful mistake? Perhaps Alan didn’t know where to find the plaque and he’d just missed it. I had to see this for myself. But no – let me show you - if a fan was to make the pilgrimage to Greenwich to the Squeeze shrine, this is the awful sight they would be greeted with:

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Rien.  The only signs that it had ever existed at all are these two lonesome holes in the mortar:

I suppose it’s all very rock & roll, but it made my heart just a little sadder.

I have written to the PRS Heritage guys to see if they are aware of this – holding out hope that perhaps it’s been removed for cleaning or something (I’m assuming that there isn’t just the one plaque, that goes up for a few months, then quietly gets taken down, the names scrubbed off it, repainted with the legend ‘Status Quo’ and re-erected in Eltham).

It was quite low down, I suppose; it wouldn’t have been hard to remove by a determined fan (or someone swiping to order – and yes, I did check Ebay…) I have suggested to the PRS Heritage guys that, if they feel like re-erecting it (and I hope they do) that they put it up nice and high. They could also run a few thousand volts through it. That should do the trick…

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ex squeeze plaque holes
ex squeeze plaque holes

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11 Comments to “The Phantom Plaque Pincher of Olde Greenwich Towne”

  1. scared of chives says:

    ‘Take me I’m (not) yours’…

  2. Brenda says:

    I’ve never seen it there and i went a few days after the unveiling. I asked Darryl at the time as i walked round the whole building and have looked for it since to no avail.

  3. darryl says:

    Is the Dire Straits one on the Crossfields Estate, Deptford, still there? I’ve not seen that at all.

  4. Dunno – but I did notice that the Status Quo one is either perilously low, or Francis Rossi is v. tall. I did suggest to the PRS that they should consider putting all their plaques up higher in future.

  5. Nick Mowbray says:

    There’d a video on Youtube of the unveiling. At the end Chris Difford says he’s looking forward to coming back at night to nick it. Coincidence or not?

  6. Hi guys,

    We have the answer to the mystery! The Greenwich Dance Agency is a listed building. Greenwich Council very kindly let us put up the plaque for the ceremony, afterwhich it was taken down temporarily while the planning application was processed. The plaque will be back in it’s rightful place (sadly without the electric current) very shortly. Thanks for everybody’s interest, we will be in touch to let you know as soon as the plaque is back up.

  7. Robert Number16 says:

    Dear Phantom.
    Talking of plaques placed so they cannot be “nicked”
    If you are ever in Islington. There is a plaque to the sixties playwrght Joe Orton who was murder by his lover Kenneth Haillwell. It was considered so awful because of the murder, and the fact Orton was gay the plaque should be placed so high on the building, that unless one knew it was there one would miss it altogether.If you are in Islington it is on 25 Noel Road.

  8. Mary says:

    Ummm there seems to be an implication round here that short people are more likely to nick things than tall ones ……I’ll try not to take it personally

  9. Steve says:

    Everyone knows that everyone under 5’4″ has to be watched. Sneaky little buggers. Fact of life.

  10. Minnie says:

    Great to see the lads reunited (? hm). And pleased to read the PRS update. Thank you, Phantom! Thousand volts? That would work …

  11. Gill says:

    Planning permission has now been granted, so hopefully it’ll be up again soon (or maybe it already is?)