Sarah McIntyre

I first came across Sarah McIntyre, a fabulous local illustrator, a couple of years ago, when she drew a cute little sketch depicting herself enjoying the charms of Rhodes Bakery (note the Greenwich Wheel in the background):

and I’ve been following her ever since. What she does for a living involves ‘hopping the gap between comics and children’s picture books’ – including the terribily cute

the immortal

which is apparently so disgusting that even her mother is ashamed of her.

How about the just-released-last week

or, ta-da! The launching-today (congratulations, Sarah!)

I adore her books – they’re perfect presents for small (and not so small) friends, but Sarah also loves to sketch Greenwich and the days her blog includes pictures of the area are my favourite. She’s given me permission to show you the sort of thing she draws, so you can enjoy them too.

She always dismisses them as sketches, but to me they have a charm that really captures what Greenwich is about – like the gnarled old chestnut above or this mysterious little path – not, perhaps, something someone average would look at as a subject for a drawing given the famous, big-hitter tourist sights, but the way she’s captured it, you just know something magical, probably involving goblins, is going on just round the corner.

That’s not to say she doesn’t do straightforward Greenwich-lovely-spots:

(note Yours Truly depicted as two tiny dots – hurrah!) and she does go further afield – don’t you just love the open, majesty of Oxleas Wood:

Sarah is one busy illustrator – she always seems to be going to open days, literary events, festivals and book signings – one coming up that’s localish is the Crystal Palace Book Festival, which promises bogies, tentacles and tiaras – what more could you ask for…

…but I’m hoping that we can bully her into creating more gorgeous Greenwich pictures – perhaps as a blog or in print, as postcards, Christmas cards, posters or…dare I ask… a book?

You can find her website here (don’t rove your mouse over the welcome page too long, it can be quite hypnotic…)  When you’ve seen it tell me you wouldn’t like to see a Greenwich book illustrated by Sarah McIntyre…

6 Comments to “Sarah McIntyre”

  1. Great idea – I love her work although I’d only seen her books till now. Thanks for pointing out the local sketches too. We are lucky to have some very talented people over here in Deptford…!

  2. OldChina says:

    Great work, Sarah is living the dream. My dream to be precise.

    Love the artwork and the sense of humour running through it! I want to get a print of the one of Greenwich Park at the top of the page (the one with the squirrel)!

  3. Thanks so much, Phantom! I’m chuffed to bits to be on your blog!

  4. kate says:

    Postcards and cards would be great… Sarah and GTP, please let us know if this happens.

  5. Benedict says:

    I would like to see a book that has local shops like Drings and the Creaky Shed but instead of the normal produce they are selling little pumpkin monsters and strange meats that come to life……..

  6. Thanks for posting those park drawings. I’d not seen those before. Sarah you’re a champ. Thanks Phantom.