Reasons Never To Go North Of The River #23000

I suppose it had to come. Not content with closing the Blackwall Tunnel every night, the Rotherhithe on a whim, and just having the one boat on the ferry at weekends, the charges on the Dartford crossing are just about to take a squeakingly huge hike. £2.00 one-way for a car, going to £2.50 in 2012. It’s currently £1.50. They don’t say if it will stay free after 10.00pm. I suspect not. Reason given – ‘to help fund proposals for a new, additional, crossing’ – not any actual building, then – just the proposals…

They’re going to bring in free-flowing tolling that year, and until then, they propose to open it free whenever there is ‘severe congestion’ at the toll ‘plazas’ (what a fantastic term for good old fashioned ‘booths’- who thought that one up?) .

So – the message is, folks, save money by always travelling at peak times. Or stay south. It’s much nicer here anyway…

5 Comments to “Reasons Never To Go North Of The River #23000”

  1. james says:

    weren’t the charges only a temp measure originally? – Until the crossing was paid for.

    As usual – promises are forgotten

  2. Peter Harper says:

    Absolutely disgraceful since when it was built, the promise was to make it free once the building costs had been recouped. That was a couple of years ago now.

    Goalposts? Let’s see if they look good over there.

  3. TPlautus says:


  4. Dominic says:

    The term “Toll Plaza” is normal American parlance for the bloated bit of tarmac that the toll booths sit on. I drove through a number of them on a 600-mile round trip (Manhattan to Pittsburgh PA) in the early 2000s.

  5. TJF says:

    Cycle indeed. If the lifts aren’t broken down.

    The Dartford Crossing was supposed to be toll only until paid, then it got sold to a private firm I believe. Bye-bye that idea then. How long until the Rotherhithe and Blackwall become toll-crossings?

    Frankly the state of traffic in SE London is beyond a joke. The number of vehicles with only one person in them that I see creeping across Blackheath, through Greenwich, and beyond is a joke. It only needs one foul up somewhere in Greenwich, Blackheath, Deptford, New Cross or similar, and the whole SE corner of London locks up like a geriatrics hip.

    Perhaps if the trains weren’t such an expensive horror-show each morning, there’d be more folks inclined to leave their cars at home?