Mystical Goings On

Michael asks:

“Passing by the park tonight about 9.30pm I was bewildered to see ghostly coloured globes lighting floating mid air near the Observatory. From close inspection, looking through the Park Vista gates, the globes were representations of the planets – the solar system in small hot air balloons. I spoke to other passer-bys who thought they were moving in circular motions.

It was really quite magical. Is it a film or secret event ? Please can you tell me, of if not simply wildly speculate!”

The Phantom replies

I am almost sad to actually know what’s happening here, as speculation would have been more fun. But Solange already told me:

“Sky 3D are making a programme this weekend about the solar system above the Greenwich Observatory. A Notice explains that, if anyone wants to be in this historic 3D production, they should go to the site on the slope below the Observatory. “

So – nice, but not a patch on what we could have speculated between us…

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