Greenwich Wildlife (9)

Sorry to all you arachnophobes – but I just had to share this guy with you. I just inadvertently made him homeless by walking straight through his web, and although he seemed reasonably happy to set up camp in my hair, I’m afraid I failed to see the long-term potential…

He’s now busily spinning another giant flytrap, which I daresay I’ll be accidentally walking through later.  There’s nothing spiders like better than Autumn (apart from Phantom hair, apparently, which proves you should never go out without your tricorn) and although there are many things I like better than spiders, I had to admit he’s quite a specimen – a good two and a half centimetres across, most of which seems to be belly, so, given that the females are usually larger than the males, I’m probably mis-genderising her.

I understand she’s the large garden or ‘cross’ spider (Araneus diadematus) which could spark all manner of Not The Nine O’Clock News gags about her thoughts when I invaded her domain, but actually I’ll leave you to read up the rest of the Wikipedia article about her as although I don’t have a big problem with spiders, this post is beginning to make my flesh crawl a little.

Once again, sorry about the pic above to anyone of a nervous disposition. Here is a picture of some kittens, by Kate, to calm your nerves. You can get off the chair now. Nasty Bad Phantom… 

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three kits
three kits

spidey 2
spidey 2

6 Comments to “Greenwich Wildlife (9)”

  1. Peter says:

    aaahww cute kitties.

  2. Benedict says:

    Spiders, Kittens…? Where are the Toads?

  3. scared of chives says:

    weren’t these the beautiful kittens looking for a home a while back? …did they find one or are they at the bottom of the boating lake?

  4. H.G. says:

    EEEK cats! Make them go away …

  5. gm says:

    Your spider is a Her, not a Him. The males have a smaller, thinner abdomen. Good photos.

  6. Kate says:

    Ah so lovely to see the kittens. All three went to great homes and we still see one of them, Rangi who live in Hither Green, whenever we visit his slaves. Sadly their mum was run over on Devonshire Drive – one of several pets killed by speeding cars/trucks over the last year on this road. Their dad, big Max, now has a new lady friend called Scout and we have just said goodbye to the last of their 5 kittens. Scout won’t be having any more. I’ve got great pics of them – I’ll send them via email.