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Remember Aluna, the world’s first tidal-powered lunar clock? It’s a fabulous idea born from the mind of Laura Williams, one of the artists based at Trinity Buoy Wharf – a sculpture that is beautiful and actually means something. Check out this corporate video I nicked (sorry Laura) to get some idea of the project, but believe me, it’s lovelier than the projection shows:

Laura’s been looking for a home for her fabulous moon clock. One of the sites mentioned most frequently and supported, at least in theory, by useful people like Greenwich Council (don’t think they’re giving actual cash, just their blessing but could be wrong there) is on the Meridian itself – just up next door to the dome on the Peninsula, sandwiched between the 02 and the proposed new cruise liner terminal.  I think it would be brilliant there.

I looked up the website the other day to see what was going on and was a bit worried to see that it hadn’t been updated for a while, but Laura’s contacted me to say that in order to keep the vision alive, they’ve made a 5m’ baby’ version – a ‘live’ Lunar clock, over at Trinity Buoy Wharf, to keep the vision alive.

“The clock will provide the Wharf and river users with live astronomical and tidal data specific to this exact location, as well as a seating area to watch the moon rising and setting and the tides flowing by,” says Laura.It’s “a labour of love and a great collaboration of wharfers and boffins.  We had a materials-only budget and it’s all been done in our spare time and back sheds over the last 2 years.”

Although they’re meeting with heads of state all over the world (the ones who still have cash, obviously) Laura admits that Greenwich is special - “we’re definitely focusing on the meridian alongside the proposed AEG hotel, opposite Canary Wharf – we’ve done a lot of site feasibility work and we’re confident it’s a good one and that the challenges are surmountable.”

Frankly, funding the Aluna project in its entirety would be pocket change for AEG; I hope they do the right thing. For the moment, though, we will at least be able to visit the baby clock over at Trinity Buoy Wharf. It’s being unveiled on the full moon, October 22nd, and we can go to see it from late October onwards – the wharf is open seven days a week (though I should imagine the clock is best seen at night…)

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4 Comments to “Aluna News”

  1. OldChina says:

    I’ll have to go and see the mini lunar clock, I can’t quite picture what the LEDs will look like in situ. I’m not sure the CGI does Aluna justice. The whole sculpture will depend on how that effect looks.

    Love the idea of it being powered by the Thames tides, that links it to the moon even more. The pensinsular is definitely the place for grand gestures too. My only reservation is what happens when one of the bulbs blow!

  2. Mouse, A Nonny says:

    Would like to know how exactly this is tidal powered?

  3. Exactly I don’t know – but generally, I believe there are integral turbines under the pier.

  4. Mouse, A Nonny says:

    bit more info here, was worried they were just gonna plug it in too the mains, but it looks like there gonna do it all properly, pretty sweet.