Strange Connections

Do you ever find yourself making somet weird connection whenever you look at something that no one else would find remotely related? It happens to me a lot (earning me some v. weird looks), but one that gets me every time I pass through is this row of lamps on Platform 2 of Greenwich Station.

To me they look like a whole row of heads peeping over the wall; a phalanx of sinister soldiers in balaclava helmets keeping a beady eye on travellers.

In fact I find my fingers itching to find a marker pen and give them little faces – moustaches, eyes – and angry eyebrows (not, of course, that I’m advocating vandalism of any sort on this blog…) But once I think that, it’s only a cough and a spit to adding some creepy hair and getting into the surreal territory of Serge Danot. I am absolutely sure that I am the only Phantom that thinks of the soldiers in Dougal and the Blue Cat  whenever I visit Greenwich Station:

Now there’s one weird film. I still can’t decide if I like it or not. It gives me the serious willies, but I’m sure that when the heavily-flagged-by-Mark-Kermode release on DVD happens on 1st November, I will have to take one more peek – just to make sure I get a bad night’s sleep on the 2nd.

Am I totally alone here? Has anyone ever looked at those lamps and thought of anything other than ‘light-source?’ And is there anything else in Greenwich that makes you make strange connections in your mind? BTW, I blame any nightmares following pressing ‘play’ on the below video firmly on Scared of Chives:

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5 Comments to “Strange Connections”

  1. Oh that second one is really sad!

  2. OMG Dougal and the Blue Cat!!!!! that used to SERIOUSLY scare the f*ck out of me when I was a child – the big near the beginning where Dougal first hears the cat yowling in the night still raises the hairs on the back of my neck. In fact, my parents used to threaten to play that bit of the record (this being the 70s) if I was being really bad!

  3. scared of chives says:


    You’re quiet night in is about to be ruined:

  4. scared of chives says: