River Bar And Grill

Kevin has just told me that the River Bar and Grill at Wood Wharf is to be liquidated on Monday.

I feel sad for the place as I truly believe that he intended it to be a fabulous venue. I know there were noise issues, but I can’t help feeling that turning it from being a restaurant to a ‘venue’ was a way of trying to keep going before he got the kitchens together.

Perhaps it was a timing thing. Until the giant development next door creates a follow through for the Thames Path, there just isn’t the footfall going past. I went in several times to try to buy dinner before they opened the place as a restaurant, and ended up having drinks there and it was dead (though I understand it livened up later in the evenings). Sadly I never made it once it did start serving food.

I have a feeling that this place will lie fallow for a while now, much as the dead SE10 round the corner awaits a new owner. Much depends on the building of the development next door, which has also, I understand, faltered. But they’ve done the really hard work there – the foundations – so I have high hopes it will pick up soon. Kevin laid the groundwork, sadly he won’t be reaping the rewards.

When there’s actually a Thames Path (and that will rely on the Section 106 bridgelet crossing the Creek) there will be much more footfall and the opportunity for a world class destination restaurant (in  Phantom fantasy-land, at least…)

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  1. OldChina says:

    Dammit I never went. Tbh I forgot it was there. I’ll try to go this weekend although I’ve been doing my best to support the food stalls in the market in recent weeks (my support being to eat as much food as possible).

    Has anyone been to the newly opened Great British Fish and Chip Shop yet? It’s a Frank Dowling venture isn’t it? I must admit I quite like the look of it regardless, the tacky chandeliers are a nice touch.

  2. scared of chives says:

    I haven’t eater there but a VERY enthusiastic chap gave it the hard sell the other day – just after it opened.

    Apparently it stays open until 2am (not sure if that’s weekends only) and they sell champagne, beer etc as well as scallops, mussel popcorn(?!) and of course curry sauce and chips. be great to live above that!

    In fairness, it does look quite nice – it may be the ONE Frank Dowling-owned place I might eat at…but will probably stop at the door when I think what the Bar du Musee, Spreadeagle etc used to be like.

  3. Actually – this was nothing to do with Greenwich Inc. It was a totally different venture. of course that’s not to say it won’t be in the future.

  4. scared of chives says:

    “…this was nothing to do with Greenwich Inc.”

    “In fairness, it does look quite nice”

    Yep – that’d be it – thanks for the correction TGP

  5. pat says:

    I went to the new chippy on Tuesday and it was really good. I’d even say better than the other local favourite.

    Has anyone eaten in the Prince of Greenwich yet? I feel guilty everytime I walk past it on my way to the Union as it is always so empty. I had a look at the new food menu and it looks pretty good in a classic pub grub kind of way. Will have to give it a chance sooner or later..

  6. David says:

    Hang on. which one’s different to the awful inc? the fish shop (which I thought was Inc), or the River Bar and Grill (which I know isn’t).

    I ate at the new fish shop the other night. Good fish, well fried. Friendly staff. More than a little bit pricey for fish and chips, but nice seating areas upstairs. Shame that they burnt something badly halfway through we were eating, leaving all my clothes smelling of very fishy smoke. Or smoky fish.

  7. Dave says:

    I haven’t eaten at the Fish and Chip shop yet , but I have seen the menu.

    I don’t think I would drink wine in a chip shop….Not at £16-50 for the cheapest bottle !

  8. TPlautus says:

    I had a takeaway from the new fish & chip shop last Friday. The service was shambolic. It took an awfully long time to get served, and they didn’t serve people in order, despite their strange ticketing system. They hadn’t got the timing of the cooking right, ran out of stuff, and I saw a number of people give up and return the food for a refund because it wasn’t cooked thoroughly. A piece of fish that had already been served to a customer was returned to the warm cabinet. Much of the shambolic stuff was probably just teething problems and finding their way around, but they should have thrown the returned fish away after it had been out of their control.

    I persevered and was eventually served. The chips did not look fully cooked, but when I got home and ate I was pleasantly surprised. They were not bad at all and the fish was fine. However, it was nothing out of the ordinary and I’m unlikely to go there again.

  9. Jonathan says:

    Doesn’t surprise me about the Bar and Grill. Just no footfall around there at all.

    What’s happening with the development? Looks all set for flats etc. to rise from the ashes but it’s lain dormant for months. Mothballed until the economic situation improves…could be a long wait!

  10. Mazehiller says:

    Re: river bar, So sad to hear of another business failing, and saw that The Home Front shop has also folded by the look of the To Let sign in it’s window. Hope things turn around again!

  11. Mazehillier – I have heard rumour that the Home Front are planning to open in the market.

  12. Bob Local says:

    Shame, good location but just not busy enough.

    I wish the Guvnor well for the future.

  13. Andrew says:

    I never even knew it existed and that might have been part of the problem!!

  14. Kevin says:

    Can I ask all of you what you would like to see at the river bar at Greenwich including opening times and menus and what you want us to do with the place ? If I don’t get no feedback from you all we stand to lose this project . We’ve tried to do everything by the book ! By Xmas me and the partners ( not Kieron keddle ) I know you had problems I I hope these will be addressed if we can take this project on again . We hope we don’t have to take extreme measures as stripping the unit out back to a shell . I look forward to your input if you can let us know . Kevin

  15. kormachameleom says:

    Yesterday I thought I’d see if the Great British Fish and Chip Shop lived up to its name. Chips have to be hot and crisp to be great. “Are the chips freshly cooked?” I asked the not-particularly-friendly girl behind the counter. “Yes” she said. They weren’t. Limp, lukewarm chips just don’t do it for me.

  16. bigupinc says:

    Long over due a proper fish and chip go on frank

  17. Carina H says:

    Looks like “Franks Chippie” on King William walk will go the way of his other ventures at no 22 – The Powder Monkey and the Lani Tiki Lounge – fewer customers day by day. They have cut down on the opening hours so now its more like 10am-10pm and it seems to shorten day by day.
    But while TGB Fish and Chips Shop is lying on the bank, gasping for air and beating its tail we can still discuss its ambiance, food and service.
    Me and significant other agree that the food is not that interesting or well done for the price, as for soggy chips, I personally do not particularly care for them.
    But at least, here in the middle of winter, they keep their doors closed so we are rid of the hefty fishy odour(faulty ventillation?Big, open rubbish bins with discarded, yucky food just inside the doors? Or both?) that filled King William Walk and Turnpin Alley. Bet that fishy smell will be back in spring. Must be pure smell hell for the neighbours.
    The conclusion must be:
    This place is not meant for the people living in Greenwich it is trawling for tourists.
    I wont be sorry to see it go.