Quick Warning

Folks – this is nothing to do with Greenwich, just a technical warning about an annoying bug that seems to affect PC users who also have iTunes.

I was ‘invited’ by my software to download the new┬áiTunes 10 yesterday, which I did, but it’s got some strange nasty thing that breaks Outlook – Outlook opens for a couple of seconds, then automatically closes again.

The only thing you can do is ditch the new iTunes, downgrade to the previous version and restart/reload everything. It’s a real bore.

I daresay Apple will eventually get round to a fix, but I can’t imagine it’s top of their list of things to do given it’s a microsoft v apple problem.

3 Comments to “Quick Warning”

  1. Steve says:

    Yeah, iTunes 10 has a few glitches. I bought some tracks last night and the system crashed halfway through downloading.

    On restart, I initially thought iTunes had taken my money but not given me my music. Turned out the tracks had been saved in a random part of the C drive which I found using the Start-Search and then dragging into iTunes.

  2. Peter says:

    While on the subject of warnings and IT, but also technically not Greenwich related if you own an Advent laptop be wary of downloading some of the optional updates from Microsoft- we believe it to be the realtek one, this has been found in a number of cases to do something to the mother board rendering the laptop unusable- some people have managed to get partial payments under the fitness for purpose clause in the sale of goods act (which counts even if the item is out of warranty), but do be aware that it is the download of a certified update that can cause these laptops to die.

  3. Michael Kaye says:

    This of any use:


    Can’t test myself as never used a PC in my life.

    PS Phantom – I sent you a Tweet re iPhone Apps in response to one of your tweets. If you are interested in the possibility of creating some sort of app, give me a shout.