More Pictures of the Pirates of the Caribbean Set

Following requests from POTC fans who aren’t in the area, here are the latest pics of the construction work at the Old Royal Naval College. There are dozens and dozens of workmen, outnumbered only by the dozens and dozens and dozens of security guys. None of them seem to care about people taking photos, so I just snapped away.

I confess the last two PotC movies left me a bit underwhelmed. I’d so loved the first one that the other two being – well - exponentially closer to shark-jumpery except for Bill Nighy, left me thinking that they actually began to detract from the glory of the first one.

So I wasn’t going to bother with this one – until I saw the title. On Stranger Tides. I thought to myself “Hang on – that’s the same name as one of my favourite books by one of my favourite fantasy writers, Tim Powers. They wouldn’t, surely they wouldn’t – would they…?”

But yes – they have. I have no idea what will happen to the story after a gigantic Disney franchise has had its sweaty, bejewelled gauntlets all over it, but hey – it’s a Tim Powers novel being made into a movie – something I’ve waited for for a looooong time. I am now looking forward to National Treasure 3 - The Anubis Gates, Ocean’s Fourteen – Last Call… and Twilight 4 – The Stress of Her Regard…

So, we already know there’s no Kiera Knightley or Orlando Bloom, but that’s not neccessarily going to wreck the project. The Phantom wish-list would include Geoffrey Rush, Bill Nighy, Kevin McNally, the two wussy pirates and the two cowardly guards.  Oh – and if Blackbeard’s going to be in it (which he damn should be) then I want  Brian Blessed or equivalent.  I’ll share another pic with you while I look up IMDB

Oh, okay, no Brian Blessed then, but I daresay Lovejoy will make a decent fist at Blackbeard, as long as he can keep the swearing down to nautical oaths. Sadly I can’t see McKenzie Crook or the other pirates/ soldiers, not even Jack Davenport, though I guess there’s not really a place for them in the story (not that that’s ever bothered Hollywood film makers before) but we do still have our first mate. Penelope Cruz should be good value. I wonder which of the stars will make it down to Greenwich over the next few weeks. Johnny Depp’s a given, I guess/hope, but actually, I just like to see it all going on.

If you get any great photos of the filming you’re happy to share, do send ‘em over to the usual address…

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37 Comments to “More Pictures of the Pirates of the Caribbean Set”

  1. OldChina says:

    I had a wander through the set yesterday. Yes, security was very much in evidence. Hope Johnny gets a few beers in at the Old Brewery.

    Jack Davenport was killed in Pirates 3 wasn’t he? Glad to see Lovejoy is the baddie, I like Ian Mcshane. I met Kevin McNally a few months ago and he was very nice.

    Didn’t know the film was based on an existing book. What a knowledgable Phantom you are!

  2. He was killed? Tht just shows how closely I was paying attention. To be honest, I’d lost the will to live round about the giant wheel of doom in the forest.

    Yeah – if fantasy doesn’t make you heave, then do try Tim Powers’s work. His most famous is the Anubis Gates, which is fab, but my own personal favourites have always been On Stranger Tides and The Drawing of the Dark. Only problem is that sometimes he seems to have troubles ending books – the reason why The Stress of Her Regard isn’t one of my faves. If you’re into early Vegas Lore, try Last Call and its sequels.

  3. Mrs potatoehead says:

    great pics!

  4. Steve says:

    Er….do they know they don’t have to build a set to look like Hampton Court Palace when they could er, well, actually use HCP?

  5. Stephen says:

    Wonder how many minutes of film will come out of all this.

  6. Something that is interesting, though, Steve, is that this is the closest thing (looks-wise) to the old Greenwich Palace that we’ve had for over 300 years…

  7. McNaughty says:

    good call

    hooray that they’ve come somewhere nautical

    a local Love Pirate (of the carribean!)

  8. Peter says:

    I find it amazing the lengths a film company will go to to create a set for a film, I was once an extra on the set of the film Prince Valient (Edward Fox and Joannah Lumley were two of the cast) It was quite a B rate movie as it turned out.
    Anyway back to the set, it was at a castle on the North Wales coast, and I remember the film crew imported 4000 tons of rubble and earth to build up the ground in front of the castle and built an extra courtyard and tournament arena in front of this castle, leaving this there when they left, incurring a huge fine from the local authorities.

  9. scared of chives says:

    @ Peter

    So, someone came to an area, caused chaos, damaged things and p*ssed off local people in the process?

    Perhaps someone should make a film of 2012 in Greenwich?!

  10. Dave says:

    Great pictures, please keep them coming as I am very interested to see how the sets are developing.

  11. Patrick says:

    If film rights to properties are anything like they are in California, it was probably cheaper to build-to-suit than to try to negotiate with the British Heritage Trust, or whatever…

  12. scared of chives says:

    I’m told the set-build is three weeks – so I make that end of next week for filming…? Then THREE weeks of filming.

    They were laying tonnes of earth earlier today on the path/road that bisects the Queen Mary and Queen Anne buildings.

    There are already stables for 100 horses – so perhaps they are filming a remake of International Velvet at the same time.

    Johnny Depp is staying at the Hotel Ibis (OK, I made that bit up)

  13. Leondonet says:

    See this video by clicking on my name above.

    Film set is nearly completed. Think they will start soon with filming. Set looks really impressive.

  14. Ben says:

    Walked around it today and judging my what I saw and what people were saying it looks like it will be a night-time scene with heavy rain becuase of the lamps and water tanks.

  15. As a listener to Kermode and Mayo, don’y you have an obligation to shout “just stop it” every time you pass by?

  16. softlad says:

    Not seen the POTC set as yet however I did get a few shots for ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ –'and also The Wolfman’in Greenwich Park –

  17. Tee hee – yes indeed – but as well as listening to Kermode (who is, btw not always right – just hear him talk about Twilight…) I also read Tim Powers. The jury’s out on this one, Oliver

  18. Horses & extras arrived yesterday and filming has begun!

  19. Jon GS says:

    Not PotC – but you can see what they can do now in post production

  20. scared of chives says:

    @Jon GS – that snotr wensite is hilarious – liked the ‘Pulp Fiction with a laugh track’.

    Re: visual effects – makes you wonder why they bother filming in Greenwich at all…

  21. tony says:

    Can thge public go a watch it being filmed ?

  22. Not really, Tony – they’ve built a high fence around everything and if you go near very uppity secutiry guys move you on. I tried to get some more pics but all I ended up with was a bunch of photos of security guys’ palms. What we need is a friendly student to lean out of the Greenwich University or Trinity College windows with a camera. Any offers?

  23. David Ramzan says:

    Went to the Old Royal Naval College shop on Tuesday 27th, to sign some my books I have had published about the history of Greenwich. Afterwards I walked back through the college and on my way watched them film a scene with Johnny Depp’s double riding around the central square of the college on a wagon and horses, chased by several redcoats on horseback with the wagon on fire. Apparently Johnny Depp was filming in the college that day.

    I have some interests in pirates and smugglers and have produced a guide book titled ‘On the Trail of Dr Syn’ about the fictional smuggler and parson Doctor Syn a character from a series of books written by actor and author Russell Thorndike. I think JD would make a great Doctor Syn.

  24. Dru Zed says:

    check out the pic Serena Unity Gain snapped of MATT “Little Britain” LUCAS with Jackherer ‘Jackii Seri’ Pointer-Buchanan during filming of the new “Pirates Of The Caribbean” movie “On Stranger Tides:

    – IT’S IN 3D!* viewable with red/blue 3d glasses, or the Channel4 (Sainsbury’s) amber/blue glasses, or cross-eyed (a lá Magic Eye posters): just select the ‘view mode’ you require (please vote 5 stars on the pic if you like it, cheers. (© Dru Andy Zed Szabo 2010)

    No Johnny Depp yet, but we’re stalki- trying to snap him!

  25. No pics, though David? Ah, well. This is a film I will deffo go to see – Greenwich, JD AND Tim Powers…

  26. tony says:

    Has anyone found a good place to shot a few pictures or just to watch the filming,are they there every day including weekends ? i was told theres a few weeks shooting, i really am a fan of the pirates films and want to try and see some of it being filmed.

  27. Tee hee – don’t ask me – I’ve just singularly failed to get anything decent at all. Your best bet would be to befriend a student and get them to take you upstairs in one of the university classrooms. I own’t be doing that, of course, because it’s just on the wrong side of creepy! I guess I’ll just have to wait to see it in the Picturehouse.

  28. CoCo says:

    I saw Johnny Depp filming today :)

  29. woot says:

    woot me too hehe

  30. upogoupogo says:

    Tonight I waited in a line — literally, up against a wall — with 40-odd fans, to get Mr Depp’s autograph. Chatted with some greenwich U students in line; they said security was very sniffy about photos of the set, rumours abound of cameras taken and photos removed. As we waited for JD, we were repeated told that we could take pictures of him but not of the (fast fading into the dark) set.

    JD was a gent, by the way. Spoke to, hugged, kissed and shook hands with everyone in line.

  31. J says:

    I’m a Greenwich uni student and I’ve been up the stairs of the Queen Anne court to try and see what’s happening, also got to see a tiny snippet of what they’ve filmed and all it showed was a scene filled with people and a child grabbing the hand of someone and dragging them up the stairs, and no I haven’t got any pictures because there are signs up all around saying your camera will be confiscated if they catch you.

  32. hayl says:

    Congrats! Is Johnny filming today? I’m thinking of going up, where is the best place to wait?

  33. m bowes says:

    Hi would love to get a glimpse of the great man himself, is filming still on in greenwich ?

  34. I truly don’t know – it’s really hard to tell what’s going on there. If you’re local, you could just take a chance…

  35. Alex says:

    They are bringing the set down today. I live next door to the University and walk through the set every day – it’s definitely over now. All the fencing is clear and the flags between the buildings are down. JD went to the local school to see the kids, and has been meeting people in his trailer. I’m not a massive fan of the films, but he seems like a genuinely nice person. Shame that they are leaving, it was fun having Hollywood around for a while.

  36. The Ford Anglia says:

    They are filming PotC actually at Hampton Court Palace tomorrow. There was a big buzz there today with security and film crew wandering around.

  37. Eddie says:

    They are filming at Hampton court palace saw Johnny depp walking around and being put in a large waggon saw 100s of red coats and horses also large trailer park where they are stopping us over the road!