Greenwich Podcast

Just listening to the first-ever Greenwich Podcast, made by local production company Testbed (they do a lot of stuff for R4…) They most flatteringly asked Yours Truly to contribute…

Find it here

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14 Comments to “Greenwich Podcast”

  1. OldChina says:

    Me likey. Alex is a good presenter and the sound quality is a cut above most podcasts. Will stay tuned!

  2. Steve says:

    I likes too.

    Puts a skip in my step and a glow in my cheeks!

  3. scared of chives says:

    She’s done a great job – not too long, interesting topics….and Rod (only joking Rod ;-)

  4. GG says:

    Very nice – I always thought the Phantom was female…maybe it’s a smokescreen…

    Incidently, does anyone know the classical music used at the start of the Phantom piece? It is the same music as my morning alarm clock and I never realised it is a famous piece!

  5. we anchor in hope says:

    Good stuff…something a bit better than the usual trot round the Palace of Placentia etc etc.
    Loved the bathtime frolics Phanty

  6. Steve says:

    Is it on iTunes yet? Have listened to the first one but want a copy on the gadget.

  7. I believe they’re still going through the iTunes process, but it should be up soon

  8. Jon says:

    Well, I didn’t discover your identity but I have at least found out you’re a boy-phantom.

  9. Dave says:

    How did you find that out Jon ?

  10. Just because they asked the Phant to contribute, there’s nothing to say that the Phant was actually the person we heard in the broadcast, who could have been reading a script prepared by The Phant Herself….. I doubt whether the Phant would run the risk of being identified QUITE so easily!

  11. Jon says:

    The presenter said that Phantom was concerned to protect HIS privacy.

  12. Alex says:

    Ah, but we could have said his or her – in fact we did in the original cut, but it got lost somewhere in the edit. I have no idea if it’s a he or a she. The mystery continues… Thanks for the nice comments by the way!

  13. Dave says:

    Sorry Jon , but that proves nothing.

    That was an assumption by the presenter.

  14. methers says:

    Just subscribed via iTunes:

    Looking forward to listening!