Greenwich Farmers’ Market

Thank you to everyone who’s sent this leaflet through.

The last time a farmers’ market was started in East Greenwich Pleasaunce, it lasted one whole morning before being sent away with its tail between its legs for not asking for permission first.

Since I can’t believe that anyone would make the same mistake twice, I’m guessing that this is fully above board and that it really will happen once a month, and I am delighted.

The last one had really good stalls,mostly different from the Blackheath version, so there was virtually no clash and I could happily go to both. I was particularly taken with the biscuits in the Pleasaunce if I recall.

So – if it’s anything like it was before, this will be an excellent thing – go along, buy some fresh fare then have a nice cup of tea and a sit down in the Pleasaunce caff. Ahhhh…

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5 Comments to “Greenwich Farmers’ Market”

  1. Mark says:

    Just a thought – and it may have been asked before… how does one actually pronounce Pleasaunce?

    Is it spoken like ‘pleasance’ as in peasants, or ‘ples-you-aunts’ – or indeed ‘ples-your-aunts’?

    As it is my local little park, I feel I should know how to say the thing… Mark

  2. Mark – I often spell it wrongly because I’m typing too fast and it comes out pleasuance, but I tend to say ples-ornz. I have now idea how it SHOULD be said.

  3. Max Sang says:

    Well, as one of the residents who was consulted by the Friends after the debacle of the first market, I’m a bit surprised. Most of the objections last time stemmed from its location – at the top end of the Pleasaunce where there the path is narrow and unpaved. The vendors were driving vans over the grass and in at least one case breaking off low-hanging tree branches, which isn’t sustainable on a monthly basis especially as winter is on its way and the soil will soften even more. I really hope this has been thought through; I’m a member of the Friends and haven’t heard a peep…

  4. Matthew Wall says:

    Hi – just to clarify, the Council has given permission for tomorrow’s Farmer’s Market as another one-off trial. Regular monthly markets are NOT guaranteed. It all depends on whether the operators can demonstrate that they’ve take residents’ concerns into account. The Friends are open-minded about the whole thing and supportive just so long as the majority of residents are happy with it.

    Mark – I pronounce Pleasaunce to rhyme with ‘peasants’ as I find ‘Pleasornts’ sounds a bit affected. Sorry Phantom!

    Chair, Friends of East Greenwich Pleasaunce

  5. Char says:

    I thought it was very nice – good weather for it and the stallholders were very chatty. I especially liked the man with his random jars of home made sauces and pickle – I have a bottle of chipotle along with a warning to start tiny and work up. Five different cake stalls was a touch over the top mind you…