First Pics of the Pirates of the Caribbean Set

Courtesy of Paul:

I guess this is just the beginning of a whole load of set-buildery, before the talent arrives. Looks like it’s going to be as big as the Wolfman or The Duchess sets…

Looks like we’ve got something resembling the old Greenwich Palace going up here:

Paul rather fancies the ‘Duke Humphrey’¬†tower as a folly in his garden. Wasn’t I saying only the other day that Greenwich needed more follies?

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14 Comments to “First Pics of the Pirates of the Caribbean Set”

  1. Benedict says:

    Perhaps it would be fun to keep all the old bits of these film sets on the heath or somewhere and turn it into some sort of Fantasy/Theme Park or maybe bits of them could be used for the upcoming Show jumping then we could have the fun of listening to the commentary “Heres Tarquin Lever-Brown on Marmalade just clearing The Wolfman exterior night fence approaching Pirates of the Carribean 4 interior day hurdle……”
    (OK, its a slow rainy day here…)

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  3. Steve says:

    Ah, for crying out loud! I’m away again and I’m probably going to miss Keira Knightley in my home borough again!

  4. OldChina says:

    Don’t worry Steve, Kiera’s not in the new Pirates films. Nor Orlando.

  5. scared of chives says:

    is Sherilyn Fenn in it…?

  6. Anne says:

    Wait… Pirates is filming here? Seriously?

  7. kate says:

    Scared of Chives: Not Sherilyn, but will Penelope Cruz do?
    And here’s Johnny Depp out on the town with his

  8. Greenwich has several useless, expensive follies. They’re called The Leader and Councillors.

  9. Dave48 says:

    I took a walk there this morning and there’s a massive set being built, biggest I’ve ever seen there. I should think they are going to be filming for quite a time but then money seems no object with this type of film as they’re pretty much guaranteed a box office hit and may only be there for a couple of days.

    I was amazed when I saw “The Duchess”, after all the time spent there the ORNC scenes only featured for about 5 minutes.

  10. home alone says:

    The photos you’ve posted are very exciting. Rumor is that it’s the set for a Spanish King in POTC4. Please, please post more! :D

  11. More photos posted on the main blog

  12. Sam Byard says:

    i’ve been taking nearly daily pictures of the set going up, if the people who run this site want my selection let me know.

  13. PiratesPatch says:

    Had a great stroll around yesterday when work was a bit quiet….set builders are amazing people.
    That new construction that resembles the old palace on the corner of King Charles court is just stunning, along with all the regal flags, carriages and ye olde market stalls that have all been placed in Grand Square.
    Also looks like lots going in the painted chapel, and considering the amount of food tents that have gone up, it looks like the Meantime could be a busy, old pirate filled place the next few weeks. Welcome Captain Jack to our wonderful Royal Borough, enjoy some great Ale!

  14. Leondonet says:

    You can see the film set on video if you click on my name above.
    Looks like they will start filming within the next few days.