Favourite Front gardens (15)

I’ve just realised that I haven’t found any new favourite front gardens at all this year. There just doesn’t seem to have been the exuberance of previous years. But this one, in Mauritius Road, stopped me in my tracks a few days ago.

Anyone who remembers previous Phantom favourites will know I don’t care what size, shape or style the garden’s in – if it gives me pleasure, then it can be anything from formal to country, quirky to artificial – I still mourn the loss of this one in Whitworth St.

This one definitely lives in the ‘bijou’ category, and to be honest, though the front garden’s very nice – some tasteful white pots of petunias, purple-and-greenery – it’s the side that really gets me. The wall along the back garden, high enough to be tantalisingly secret, leads to the entrance to, if memory serves, the Alcatel works. People have to pass it every day, and the owner has done their best to brighten their day. The sheer exuberance of the jolly annuals is lovely in itself, but the ivy-clad wall behind them sets the whole thing off and makes my heart sing.

Enjoy it while the sun’s out, folks.

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mautritius st flowers
mautritius st flowers

flowers mauritius road low
flowers mauritius road low

One Comment to “Favourite Front gardens (15)”

  1. OldChina says:

    I’m a big fan of greenery growing ON buildings too. I love seeing old brick walls covered in ivy. A particular favourite is the large house at the top of Point Hill (Grove House?) which is currently going through it’s seasonal colour change of green to deep red. Gorgeous.

    It would *possibly* make my heart sing if I wasn’t so knackered by the time I climbed the hill.