Don’t Put Your Foot In It

Dear oh dear. That’s what comes of not reading my lovely News Shopper the second it comes out. I’ve missed this marvellous extravaganza.  Frankly I’m disappointed that the usually-vigillant IanVisits failed to spot it was happening – ideal First Date Fodder if ever I saw it. Roll up, roll up! Break out the bunting folks, for….the Lewisham Dog Mess Event!

Can anyone tell me – was this really called a ”Dog Mess Event?” Who went? I mean – I know it’s an issue that can be a real problem and I shouldn’t giggle but…

Go on – do spill, I’m dying to know. What actually goes on at a Dog Mess Event? What kind of stalls are there? Dodgems? Pin the Turd on the Doggy? The Plastic Sack Race? And… I hardly dare ask – what was in the goodie-bags?

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dog mess event
dog mess event

7 Comments to “Don’t Put Your Foot In It”

  1. Scott Wood says:

    got a couple of pictures of fake lollipop ladies standing by a fake zebra crossing covered in fake dog shit if you’re interested. Right by the fruit and veg market.

    People were handing out free shit-bags to dog owners.

  2. Tee hee – how could I refuse…

  3. kate says:

    Sadly enough, I do know what goes on. At Plumstead Common there are regular events (GTP, I could let you know with plenty of time…) and they put flags in dog poos and count the amount. All consciousness raising etc – I think lots of poo bags get handed out too. Unfortunately my suggestion that someone from the Council dress up as a giant dog turd (there are rumours such a suit exists) was not taken up. That’s one Greenwich Time photo I would love to see!

  4. Benedict says:

    hmmm , Dog Mess Event eh ? We have ……..Slobberfest

  5. Benedict says:

    …and what about the squirrel rescue ? News shopper has obviously up’ed its game with the high quality articles….

  6. Benedict – Slobberfest? fab. My pal has just suggested that if the Dog Mess Event is to become an annual event it should be called the Lewisham Messtival… There are just a million puns to be had on this story.

  7. Benedict says:

    Messtival…I like it. We also have summerlicious….T*rdalicious ?- very Pink Flamingos (if you know the scene….yuk!)
    Sorry in advance if your having your dinner, or a bit full from The Union….