Yet More Building Works

It must be grim being a tourist coming to Greenwich just now. Nelson Road is under plastic. St Alfege’s  is under plastic. The NMM is under plastic. Greenwich Pier is under plastic. The Cutty Sark’s been under plastic for years. The Old Royal Naval College is under scaffolding. One of the only bits that hasn’t been under plastic (so far) has been the Five Foot Walk.

Sadly not for long. The few square metres of green surrounding Bellot’s obelisk have proved just too tempting for the developers.

Now – this is ‘only temporary’ (if you count ‘a couple of years’ as temporary) as they create a hard-standing for people waiting for the ferry. The workman who spoke to Stephen (who took these pics) told him that the ticket office was to be moved to the grounds of the ORNC, which appears to be used more and more as a handy overspill for anything no one else wants.

I have to say that I can sort of understand in this particular case. I am assuming that this is the council creating their new-look Cutty Sark Gardens that they consulted about a few months ago, and, Lord knows, if there’s one area of Greenwich that does need a spruce up, it’s that. So for once I’m okay with this (though – two years? I don’t remember anything that radical in the proposals…)

What does bother me, though is that this is just the dovetail. If it’s going to take two years, that takes us to 2012. We will theoretically have a few months of clarity before the ORNC’s grounds are co-opted for something that really does bother me.

I have spent many Phantom-inches worrying about the ghastly market redevelopment proposals Greenwich Hospital are determined to impose upon us, and which have  been soundly turned down by the council. But in a few days time they will be attempting to take the whole thing over our heads and go to appeal (the link with the ORNC is that they intend to relocate the market to the grounds while it’s being done).

No one has made it easy to object to the appeal, though I know quite a few of us did manage to circumnavigate the red tape when it was first announced, and I’m not sure if it is too late now to send a letter to the inspectorate in Bristol (they couldn’t get anyone local to agree to such a horrid thing) but I include the address just in case:

Alan Ridley
Planning Inspectorate
Room 4/02, Temple
Bristol BS1 6PN

Sorry – a grim one today. I promise that September will be full of light and lovely stuff.

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3 Comments to “Yet More Building Works”

  1. Paul says:

    The public enquiry overseen by the Bristol Planing Inspectorate opens on the 7th. If there’s any day it’s important to attend, and show we care about this attempt to airbrush our market into history, it’s that one.

  2. Steve says:

    Does anyone have any decent images of how the new pier will look. I found one but it is very small.

    Also, does anyone know when this particular redevelopment will finish?