Oh, that Dubois of Lewisham still existed. I’m sure that the Outfitters to Gentlemen and the Sons of Gentlemen would have been only too happy to help Ruth with a small alteration issue.  She says:

I am looking for someone to alter a rather expensive coat. I don’t want to take it to just any tailor I find in the yellow pages, so I’m looking for a recommendation.

Sadly, now that the wonderful Valerie Dressmakerhas ceased trading I’m a bit stumped for truly marvellous alteration tailors. The guy who sits in the window of the excellent dry cleaners on Woolwich Road opposite Heartless East Greenwich always seems to be busy at his sewing machine, but although he once sewed up the frayed pocket of a suit jacket for me, I have no idea whether anything more complicated would flummox him or not.

Has he altered anything more specialised for you, or can anyone suggest another tailor?

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dubois of lewisham
dubois of lewisham

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  1. Cat says:

    If anyone knows of a dressmaker now that Valerie is no longer trading, please let us know! Are there any freelancers who work for those wedding dress shops, perhaps?

  2. Caroline says:

    There is actually a wonderful tailor in Greenwich, based on Royal Hill she’s called Linda Wilken and she’ll do alterations as well as bespoke things. Her website is here:


    I thoroughly recommend her!

  3. Andy A says:

    I recommend the Collins Dry Cleaners on Trafalgar road – they always does a good job tailoring for me…

  4. EnglishRose says:

    Hmmm….I don’t know anyone in Greenwich, but Mr Mandalia (50 Bedford Street, just off the Strand, tel 020 7836 9507 or 07867 721 675) has done a really good job on numerous items I’ve taken in – including some quite tricky uniform alterations and an expensive silk dress. His workroom is up some stairs above a shop and looks slightly ramshackle from the exterior but he is very professional and has bags of experience. Don’t be put off if he’s a bit quiet when sizing you up – as I’ve discovered, he’s mulling over the best place to put darts and other tricky alterations! Perhaps worth a trip on the train from Greenwich if nothing local can be found?

  5. Ru says:

    Thanks for the suggestions chaps. Hopefully I’ll be the proud owner of a well fitting coat shortly!

  6. Julia says:

    I also highly recommended Linda Wilken. She made my wedding dress for at a very reasonable price and really knows her stuff. She’s very nice and has made uniforms for the army and beefeaters and all sorts : )

  7. papergirl says:

    I am going to give Linda Wilken a try for a dress alteration, thanks. They replied to my email enquiry within the hour. I also emailed Mr Mandalia (as per English Rose’s post) and got a reply from Mrs Mandalia saying he is no longer working and is about to undergo treatment for lung cancer.

  8. Jo says:

    I’ve used Linda for many pieces and found her to be excellent. She is able to do alterations easily and design pieces from my bad descriptions! She makes a pattern which she fits to you so you are entirely happy before cutting the material.

    She also made my mother her mother-of-the-bride outfit – I took her some photos and ideas of what we wanted. We were so pleased with the final outfit.

  9. does anyone know if the royal hill one does chaps’ stuff? i have a coat which needs something doing.

  10. Karl says:

    I recommend a wonderful Alterations company I discovered recently. It is called Alterations Boutique. It is in Marylebone W1.

    I have used them the last 6 months and the work is brilliant.

    Check out their site. http://www.alterationsboutique.co.uk

    Check out their reviews!