Services Required

Several people have been looking for recommendations for local services, so I thought I’d pop ‘em together in one post.

Julian asks:

I live in the East Greenwich area and was wondering if anyone could recommend a decent central heating engineer to carry out a routine boiler service?

I used Blue Flame Gas Services based in Abbey Wood last time I needed some work done and they were friendly and efficient. Anyone got any other suggestions, though?


Ben asks:

I wonder if you can help me track down a really lovely trader who used to be in the Village Market, at the back. He was an Italian man who traded in furniture, but also restored wooden floors. I wanted to hire him to do a floor at home, but have lost his contact details. If you know who I’m going on about please let me know?

I’m afraid I can’t help Ben – but maybe someone else can?


Jo asks

I’m still looking for a roofer who would be prepared to replace a couple of broken tiles. Most don’t even return my call when they discover it’s not for a whole roof.

Sorry – can’t help there either. But maybe someone here can?


Sally asks:

I wondered if you or anyone had any recommendations for companies to restore/replace sash windows? The council haven’t given much steer on what you can/can’t do in advance of planning permission – it seems there are a lot of us in the same boat in the area (I’m in Langdale Road) so it would be good to go on recommendation if possible. I couldn’t see anything on the tradespeople section of your site.

I should imagine that if you’re replacing like with like or restoring an original sash, the council won’t require planning permission at all. Some councils frown on things like PVCU windows in concervation areas, so if you want to add them it’s probably worth a call to the planning department. But since you’re actually asking about sash windows I doubt that’s the case. I have heard that a chap called Malcolm Tierney is worth contacting. His number is 077 7565 7371. The reason he’s not in the directory is that I don’t have personal experience of his work (yet) though a couple of people I’ve spoken to were impressed with it.

I don’t normally take much notice of leaflets that come through the door (especially since at least half of the ones I seem to get is the same cowboy-company masquerading as specialists in various trades, all of which they are appalling at) but one local guy who only does sash windows intrigued me with his idiosyncratic flyer. David Howe lists actual addresses (well over 100 of them, with house-numbers included) where people can view his work on one side of his folded sheet of A4, the other side is a dense, paragraphless block of text with his mission statement. I repeat, I know nothing about this guy’s work, but he’s passionate at least…


Someone else also asked me about another required service, but annoyingly I’ve mislaid the email. So sorry, Anonoymous Person – if you don’t mind sending again, I’ll ask around for you.

I’m always interested to hear about excellent local services that Phantom regular-posters have been impressed with for the Trusted Tradespeople section (I have a couple more to add, which I haven’t yet; it’s all taking a bit of time just now…) It’s deliberately NOT an exhaustive list of people in the area, just a select handful of people that people who use this site regularly have found to go even further than that extra mile.

13 Comments to “Services Required”

  1. Anon says:

    “I have had both Malcolm Tierney and Peter Denney (07855 858 184) repair/replace and/or draughtproof sash windows and have been pleased with both.

    Malcolm Tierney is very good indeed (other carpenters have admired the work he’s done for us), but is commensurately more pricey – or he was when he last used him a couple of years ago.

    Peter Denney we used a few weeks ago, and he did a good job, turned up promptly, etc.”

  2. Charlie says:

    @Julian – recommend Terry O’Neill who you can contact through the plumber’s merchants on Trafalgar Rd. Utterly trustworthy, great value and a really good man.

  3. Darren says:

    Another vote for Malcolm Tierney he replaced our lower sashes on two floors and his work was exceptional. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.

  4. Maisie Hill says:

    We live in East Greenwich and had our boiler serviced by Hot Tap Plumbing ( last October. The engineer was friendly, efficient and the service was reasonably priced.

  5. John says:

    I can’t speak for the quality of the work, but a year or two back there were two or three places on Chatsworth Road, E5 (Clapton/Homerton) doing double-glazed box sashes for what seemed to be reasonable prices.

    I was thinking about getting my place done – still am – so went in and had a chat: they seemed to know what they were talking about and the display models looked to be nicely put together.

    I’d think it was worth popping over the river to have a wee look: if nothing else, I came away with a better sense of the work involved.

  6. John says:

    Oh, and in terms of planning permission etc, if you’re in a conservation area you should ask the council what they need, but anywhere else replacing windows can either be done after submitting a building notice to the council (who will then tell you what they expect in terms of paperwork or inspections), or by a member of the window-fitters’ trade body (FENSA, I think) who can self-certify that the work conforms to building regulations.

  7. Dai Smile says:

    Be very careful that the fitter knows about building regs. They have been recently uprated to much higher insulation values. No probs with existing windows but they kick in for replacements.

  8. TPlautus says:

    does anyone have contact details for Malcolm Tierney, please? I’d like to have my sash windows replaced/repaired.

    The only Malcolm Tierney I’ve found online is a Thespian. Perhaps he does windows while he’s resting, but I doubt it.

  9. TPlautus says:

    cancel that request – just found it in the original blog article! Doh!

  10. Malcolm Tierney’s number is, I believe 077 7565 7371 (as cribbed from the Westcombe News)

  11. Julian says:

    Thanks very much Charlie. The Plumbers Merchants are closed for a 2 week break currently. Ill try them again.

  12. Steve Wreyford says:

    I would thoroughly recommend Hot Tap Plumbing. Run by Andrew Hebden and based in East Greenwich. Did a fantastic job replacing our boiler. Friendly, trustworthy, quick and good value. Hot Tap Plumbing; 07951 145 778 or 020 8305 0295

  13. Michael and Glyn says:

    We’re in E Greenwich and have recently asked Peter Denney to do extensive work at our place – long-overdue draught-proofing. Highly recommended service. In the face of all the recent weather problems and all, Peter was prompt, friendly and super-efficient throughout, doing v careful and challenging work that was much appreciated. Would not hesitate to ask him to do work for us again