Drag Race

Ruth asks:

“Where is the best place to go and watch the Drag Race from this evening?”

The Phantom replies

Yup folks – it’s that time again – the fourth (I believe) annual Drag Race. Fun and games, thrills and spills, all kicking off from the Rose & Crown. I can’t find the exact time and to be honest I never bother looking for it as I turn up around 7.00pm and hang around for the fun and games (which never set off on time anyway.) I can’t find a website for it this year, so I suggest you do the same.

I usually stand on the corner opposite the old Glocuester Arms (now the Greenwich Park Bar and Grill) because there’s a satisfying bulge (fnaaar fnaar) in the road and you can get a good view of the start.

Update – here are some absoutely fabulous photos from Warren – wonder if he’ll be including one of them in his wonderful annual calendar..?

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warren drag 3
warren drag 3

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warren drag 2

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7 Comments to “Drag Race”

  1. Polar Bear says:

    There isn’t an official website for the event as such but the main beneficiaries, The Metro Centre, have info on their website.

    The whole of Nevada Street is closed to traffic this year with an outside bar, bbq (weather permitting) and i believe a stage at the back of the theatre.

    Small point of correction phantom, I beilieve its the sixth year.


  2. If anyone would like to catch up on last years race it was filmed for the Greenwich based feature film ” The Cost of Love”

  3. Nope, just looked it up – Ist one was in 2006. I didn’t think I was THAT old!

  4. Dave says:

    Not wishing to be pedantic, but if the 1st race was in 2006 then this would have been the 5th race.


  5. You’re right Dave. My brain hurts now. Blimey. Does that mean this blog’s been going for five years? Heavens.

  6. Warren says:

    Whoops. I had it down as the 6th. Probably won’t have any on the calendar. I have lots of new images and tend to just include the sites. Might have people contacting me for appearance fees otherwise.

  7. Laura Correa says:

    Hi Greenwich Phantom, is there a drag race this year?