Bye, Bye Bombay Bicycle Club

So the Bombay Bicycle Club in Traf Road has closed. I can’t say I’m surprised – I’ve been hearing all sorts of horror stories about average quality, long delivery times, indifferent staff and wrong orders, and even when they did get it right the food was good but not so very good that it justified the prices charged.

I do wonder if they’d made it a sit-in version like the much more upmarket branch in Hampstead, where paying higher prices feels a little more justifiable, rather than just making it takeaway-only might have worked better.

What does sadden me is that it’s yet another dead shop on Trafalgar Road. It’s not a badly done-out store (though the mopeds parked inside always felt decidedly weird) so I daresay it will be bought out by another takeaway. We’ll see.

Okay – a quick survey – where do you get YOUR takeaway curries from?

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34 Comments to “Bye, Bye Bombay Bicycle Club”

  1. Stephanie says:

    The Royal Nepalese and they are tasty

  2. steve says:

    Giles Coren reviewed BBC at the weekend; it was bought out by Shilpa Shetty last year and has basically been f*cked over. New menu, crap quality and a call center for telephone orders. He refused to publish their contact details in his review as it was his local takeaway.

  3. Christiane says:

    The Mountain View restaurants in Blackheath and Chislehurst are our curry dealers.

  4. sitdowncomedian says:

    Royal Nepalese. Used to use the Viceroy but always seemed to arrive coldish.

  5. Matt says:

    The mogul or Corriander are probably the best. Corriander in particular is good value – and tastes fresher than sone of the others.

  6. Ewan says:

    Mogul every time. Bit pricey but generally good quality.

  7. Dave says:

    I notice that the Kerala Zone has re-opened after a lengthy closure , Has anyone tried it ?

  8. The Sheila says:

    Technically Nepalese, but Gurkha’s Inn every time…. Tried Mogul a couple of times but just found the meat quality to be very variable. Have stuck with Gurkha’s Inn ever since and no regrets. Their vegetarian momo, Gurkha’s mixed grill and chicken chilly dry fry are just delicious!

  9. Damian says:

    Coriander every time for us! Always friendly service, and good food.

  10. John says:

    Coriander for us too – seems to be a theme developing …

  11. Cameron says:

    +1 for the Royal Nepalese.

    They do sometimes give ridiculous delivery time estimates of over 45min but that only happened once.

    As for food quality it’s some of the best I’ve had – although nothing beats Hot Stuff in Vauxhall – although they haven’t extended delivery this far yet, despite all my begging and pleading :)

  12. Simon says:

    The Gurkha’s Inn every time for me…

  13. stephanie says:

    Royal Nepalese for us (and yes I’m a different Stephanie to the first comment!)

  14. Itu says:

    Most recently the Saffron Club, slightly pricier but excellent quality food.

  15. Jack says:

    Always Gurkha’s Inn, but they are awfully slow…

  16. JJ77 says:

    I have used BBC since they opened but more recently have been using the excellent Everest Inn in Blackheath. Apparently BBC will still deliver from their Dulwich branch but I’m not sure how hot it will be by the time it gets to Charlton!

  17. Steve says:

    Ghurka’s Inn for me, top food and top service. Friends have enjoyed the Mogul but I’ve not tried it yet.

    And I’m sure I favoured the Coriander when I lived over that way….

  18. OldChina says:

    Just read this. Good riddance, they were my Friday night staple for months but due to a series of blunders I stopped using them. Actually, it was the attitude of the manager on the phone more than anything.

    I was so annoyed with her after ringing up to complain (that some items of my order hadn’t been delivered) that I said I’d never use them again and she clearly coulnd’t have cared less. I never went back and won’t miss them.

  19. Benedict says:

    Mem Sahib On Thames, Isle of Dogs, used to be our favourite, plus you get to have a bit of walk home to work off the Lamb Shank in Lime curry….mmmmmmm

  20. alice mallick says:

    Gurka’s Inn, but also the BBC as a treat (due to the price) We never had a bad curry from there, however, the long delivery time could be annoying…

  21. David says:

    Gurkha’s Inn. Although do agree that the wait time can be variable. but the curry is always worth it, and the price very affordable.

  22. Stephen aka. Latelygay says:

    Spice of Life in Lee High Road was a fab curry house. Haven’t lived that way for the last eight years. I know it’s still there but I’m not sure how they are for quality.

  23. Penny Lane says:

    Le Poppadom in South street is ok. The really good thing is that they don’t use colouring in their curry.

  24. will says:

    Gurkha’s Inn for me, (although Mrs Will prefers Coriander)

    I make the scores to date:
    Gurkha’s Inn 7
    Royal Nepalese 4
    Coriander 3
    Mogul 2
    Others 1 each

  25. scared of chives says:


    Agree – I used them for quite a while until they kept running out of stuff and the dishes looked the same.

    Gurkha’s Inn for me – and they don’t take that long to deliver in my opinion. Nice staff too.

  26. Ed says:

    The Coriander is excellent. Huge portions too.

    When we lived on Trafalgar Road, the Gurkha’s Inn was always very good.

  27. julian says:

    I had a curry from Mehak on Traf rd which was very nice. Plenty of flavour and not oily.

  28. Ru says:

    Mogul every time these days. They do great interesting vegetable curries as well as tasty lamb.

    Had mixed experiences with BBC, Everest Inn is terrible and massively over priced and Mehak has no depth of flavour. Royal Nepalese is pretty standard and Coriander serviceable but unremarkable.

    Haven’t tried Gurka’s but looks like it might be worth a try.

  29. Annandale Road says:

    Royal Nepalese every time..

  30. Sue says:

    Green Chilli takeaway in Blackheath Road
    Le Poppadom in South Street and Blackheath’s Gurkha’s Inn and and Saffron Club for occasional takeaways but mostly sit down meals. The Curry Garden was my staple as a poor student many years ago, but it appears to have gone upmarket and much more expensive but really good quality takeaways.

  31. Randy says:

    Dave “I notice that the Kerala Zone has re-opened after a lengthy closure , Has anyone tried it ?”

    We used to love this place, South Indian is a favourite of mine, so we were pleased when it re-opened.

    They started posting vouchers saying 20% off so one night I thought I would try it. First impressions was the menu didn’t seem south Indian to me just like a normal curry house, but never mind, they recommended some thing so I ordered those. I came to pay and they then insisted I would only get 10% off as it was takeaway, even though I was collecting, this pissed me off a bit but I was starving and looking forward to some food. When I got back home I realised the bread dish they recommended had not come with the sauce it should have done. I phoned up and they said it would be delivered in 30 minutes, I thought that was a bit long considering it’s a three minute walk and I doubt there was an cooking. After 45 minutes it hadn’t shown up and I had already finished my meal, they never turned up or phoned me back.

    Bit of a long rant but the food was fine, the price was okay, they were friendly but didn’t give me some of the dishes I ordered. I certainly won’t be rushing back, they are new so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, but I won’t recommend them to people either. From want I saw other people deserve your money more but I hope it improves.

    On a side note has anyone ever eaten there!? I always see one couple looking uncomfortable thinking why did we go here.

  32. Maidenstone Hill says:

    Mogul is absolute tut, Coriander nearly always but I tried the Taste of India recently and loved it but sadly they only take cash

  33. chipmunk says:

    Not surprised BBC has shut down – quality had deteriorated a lot in the last couple of years. Shame, the one in Hampstead serves better food (or did the last time I went there).

    Haven’t tried too many Indian restaurants in the area – being from the region myself, am a bit picky! Having said that, Gurkha’s Inn I did like (food and service). Is it just me, or are their portion sizes bigger than most?

    Also tried KeralaZone after it re-opened and the food is *definitely* much better now – a lot closer to ‘how mother makes it’ and not soaked in grease. They probably need to have non-Kerala dishes on the menu as not everyone’s familiar with the region’s cuisine. I had it delivered (too lazy to collect) and yes, it did take a while given that they’re about 10 minutes away, but I would go there again. Hopefully they’ll maintain standards and not have to be closed down this time.

  34. Chris R says:

    Looks like this is re-opening as Mogul, there’e s a website on the canopy over the door, . I’v never tried the one on Church Street, menu looks fine (cheaper than BBC), hope it’s good.

    Has Kerala Zone gone for good now? Last Tuesday it looked open, but that’s the only life I’ve seen in it for a few weeks, and there’s a ‘To Let’ sign above it. Shame, I love South Indian and it seemed pretty authentic, if a bit slow. No atmosphere for sit-in (if only they’d at least replaced the TV with BBC News with some Bollywood films or something), but good enough for take-away.