Alas, Poor Phantom…

Emily asks:

I have recently moved to Greenwich after graduating from the University of Reading in English, Film and Theatre.

I am really keen to join a drama group to continue my passion for acting. Do you know of any good drama groups in the area? there any possibilities in your drama group?

The Phantom sadly neither belongs to or runs a drama group, but all is not lost in Greenwich, am-dram wise.

Greenwich Council’s website is a reasonable place to start, listing quite a few performance groups in the area, including the Tramshed in Woolwich. I’m quite impressed with Eltham-based  The Roan Theatre Company’s website – but I’ve never seen anything by them. It would seem that Eltham’s a veritable am-dram hotbed, also boasting the Bob Hope Theatre. Again – I’ve never been. According to there’s a University of Greenwich Drama Society -but I can’t tell whether or not it’s just for students.

The Edward Alderton in Bexleyheath also look quite impressive. Once again, I’ve never seen them. Further into London, you could try The Union in Southwark. The director of the current show, Michael Strassen, has a good reputation.

The one company I heartily recommend you do try, though, is London Bubble, a professional group that has several community projects. Based in Rotherhithe, they’re currently touring their latest production – The Sirens of Titan is on this week at Oxleas Wood.

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3 Comments to “Alas, Poor Phantom…”

  1. Simon says:

    And how about bubble theatre – highly recommended

  2. Joe F says:

    Moving a bit further down the railway line from Greenwich, I would mention the Erith Playhouse ( and the Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre in Crayford (