Justine asks:

“This may seem like a strange question. I need some rope and thought perhaps you might know of a shop that sells rope in Greenwich (it being Maritime!)? I tried Nauticalia but they can only order rope that takes 2 weeks to arrive and they couldn’t recommend anywhere else to try.”

The Phantom replies:

Believe me – as far as questions go, this is nowhere near as strange as the one about elderly ladies and handbells I had recently.

Sadly for somewhere so steeped in ropey history – Greenwich was well known for rope and famous for cable – we’re pretty poorly served for string these days.

You don’t say what it’s for, but for general all-purpose rope, the obvious answer is B&Q or Wickes, but if you don’t want to do the chain route, try Standard DIY at the top of Westcombe Hill or Bert and Betty’s shop in Greenwich South Street.

As for proper ships’ chandlers, the closest I can find is Sanford Marine 45, St. Keverne Rd, London, SE9 4AQ, in Mottingham. Tel: 07948 608205. I had hoped there would be one around the back of Hope and Anchor Lane in Charlton, but I can’t find anything. Maybe someone at the Yacht Club would know?

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9 Comments to “Rope”

  1. TPlautus says:

    Climbing shops can also supply rope. Ellis Brigham in Covent Garden has a range.

  2. Ebspig says:

    The only nearby chandlers I can think of are Capt O M Watts in Dover Street (W1) and Arthur Beale in Shaftesbury Avenue. Why not go to the Ropery in Chatham Dockyard and see (and smell) some of the stuff being made? All need checking before special journeys – I’m afraid it’s some time since I last acquired rope.

  3. Stephanie says:

    There is a boat shop bizarrely at Danson Corner (a couple of exits down the A2) called Danson Marine –

  4. BoneyBoy says:

    I’d like to recommend a local small business, but in this case a national retail sheds win through. B&Q at Greenwich Peninsula stock; rope, twine, string and chain. Homebase at least until recently, have a similar stock.

    For small businesses, you could try Standard DIY on westcombe Hill or Marnels on Old Dover Road.

  5. Rachel says:

    There is a sailing and watersports centre at Danson Park, presumably the reason why there is a boat shop at Danson Corner!

  6. Peter says:

    Chatham dockyards always has some odd lengths for sale at the ropery, I have picked up all sorts of odd sizes for odd jobs there in the past, a lot depends upon what you want – if you need a real hemp or sisal rope rather than a modern nylon one then the choice gets more difficult, some garden centres will stock small lengths of small size sisal rope, but ships chandles for most sizes in most types, and if you want real old fashioned rope, then you cant beat Chatham dockyard, especially if you want a one off size or type, they will make it up for you (for the right price of course). we used to hae great trouble getting real rope in the 1/2″-1″ sizes for re-enactment purposes until we found Chatham dockyard, if you phone up first and have business with the ropery you might even be able to avoid paying an entrance fee to the dockyard (I have been there several times for business purposes, and all you do is drive to the business gate and state your business and they let you in, I have also ordered bronze castings there and attended training courses on the site so it is a thriving industrial centre too.

  7. Austerby says:

    Second recommendation for Danson Marine. I’m a member of the yacht club and use them regularly for boaty purchases. They’re competitive on price and will make up rope ends if you want them spliced or whipped properly etc. They don’t have an online shop but do a lot of business on eBay. Worth a visit to support a good local independent business.

  8. John says:

    Associated with the other sort of rigging, in theatres, is Flint’s ( ) over on the Queen’s Row near Elephant, have a huge variety of rope for sale.

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