Rock Lobster


I mean – I know it’s been hot recently but someone really needs to have a quiet chat with Peter Andre about Factor 50 (they might want to mention his washing powder’s a bit strong for delicate white fabrics  too…)

He’s surely not really this colour is he?

Still, at least they’ve propped him up – a few days ago his poster had collapsed from exhaustion inside its little glass case at North Greenwich Tube. It’s a tough life being a pop star.

Has anyone been to any gigs at the O2 recently? I haven’t been for aaaages – there’s just not been anything I’ve fancied on. Not even at Indigo 2. But you only have to see the hoards of people coming out of the Tube to realise it’s a complete goldmine (anyone else play the game of working out what the show is from the fans?)

I guess the Phantom pocket is kind of glad that stadium rockers don’t generally appeal  – though I did apply for – and get (in theory) a couple of those Greenwich Card Holder free tickets to see Bon Jovi (I’m not really a fan, but any band that’s been around that long and can not-quite-sell-out out a week of shows at the O2 must be worth seeing for the spectacle alone), but when I turned up the box office was shut (despite the guy on the phone telling me it was open) and I was told that I could join a queue for it opening in an hour and a half – in the sun. Sadly I just wasn’t that keen. Okay. So I’m shallow.

And just one final idle thought on a Thursday morning. AEG are after the Olympic Stadium in 2013, right? Am I alone in wondering how they’ll fill TWO giant East London stadiums with massive worldwide acts? Could we possibly find ourselves Cinderellas again when the shiny new arena opens?

Just pondering.

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9 Comments to “Rock Lobster”

  1. Ewan says:

    With the Jubilee line weekend madness and generally terrible driving arrangements to the O2 I wouldn’t be at all surprised if AEG moved to a new home. If I was AEG I’d be livid by now at TFL. Tis a shame though most folks I know who’ve been to the O2 think its great. Myself I went to the masters tennis and had a great evenings tennis.e

  2. Brenda says:

    I play the guessing game also. The Paul Weller one was too simple. The only concert I’m going to is Squeeze at the Indigo in December. We bought the standing tickets for that one – am so looking forward to a bit of nostalgia.

  3. Fair point Ewan – this Jubille Line business could lose us even more than we thought. I still can’t see that anyone’s being held to account over it either. I agree that the O2 is a good venue – I’ve been there on several occasions; also to the Indigo 2 and a couple of exhibitions (though I don’t know if there’s one on at the moment – could be the bloody Jubilee line’s put them off) – I just haven’t been recently.

    BTW I really like the building next to the dome. I seem to remember it’s a college building – but so funky!

  4. scared of chives says:

    Peter has a white stain on his trousers

  5. To be honest, of all the sartorial issues this poster has, I’d say a stain on his trousers is the least of his worries…

  6. Brenda says:

    Ha! But how on earth can he have sold out 38 shows??

  7. There are clearly a lot of very easily pleased people out there (the pahntom vows to polish up that washboard and spoons act. Looks as though the Great British Public is ready…)

  8. Warren says:

    That college building is Ravensbourne College

  9. Darryl says:

    Ravensbourne moves in at the end of the summer – hopefully it’ll make the Dome compound feel less sterile.

    As for AEG and the Olympic Stadium… they’d have to keep it as a stadium and ideally one suited for athletics, so it’d restrict what they could do with it. But they have sporting interests and could do something very different to what they have with the Dome (90,000 capacity megagigs notwithstanding).