Eltham Sink Hole

Little bit off our manor here, but a little warning to cyclists (and others) in Court Road in Eltham fromDan, who says:

A sinkhole has formed in the road. It’s deep enough for some cars to scuff their front bumpers if they hit it at the right speed and angle. I’ve also seen a couple of cyclists nearly come off in it. The Council were told about it on Friday and they’ve done nothing about it since – not even an acknowledgement that they’ll send someone to look. I’ve got on to Thames Water as I suspect it’s ultimately their problem but I’m a little concerned by Greenwich council ignoring a piece of unsafe road that ultimately all they had to do was report on to Thames Water. On the plus side, I did get into a conversation with their Twitter person last night at 8pm so at least someone in the council takes their job seriously.

Hooray for the Council Twitterer, then. Sounds like Eltham needs a visit from Born to Kiln but until he gets around to making a nice mosaic filling take care guys, eh?

2 Comments to “Eltham Sink Hole”

  1. Mary says:

    I am even now sitting in a wooden armchair purchased in 1969 from Davy Jones Locker – the junk shop on the corner of Humber Road and Station Crescent. As I recall Davy was fine, but not around an awful lot – so his sales were probably a bit low (it took persistence)
    The star shop in the parade was the chemist – one of those chemists with hundreds of little drawers and big bottles, and an owner who could tell you all sorts of things about the local doctors and how they didn’t know what they were prescribing.

  2. Mary – I just moved this comment to the one on Westcombe Park – my fault – the comments section’s in a weord place. Must get that sorted out…