Cable Car Back on?

We’ve been here before, haven’t we. Boris just loves coming up with mad ideas to cross the river – and in principle, I rather like this one.  I liked it the first time too, and I daresay I’ll like it next time it comes up – a cable car to take us from the peninsula to Docklands during the Olympics.

From the TFL map above, it looks to me as though it would go from the ex-David Beckham polytunnels to somewhere around Royal Victoria Dock, and the news last night said it would take about five minutes to cross, 50m in the air.

It needs to be privately funded, which I’m told, is not beyond the realms of possiblity – I’ve spoken with one person who has been asked whether they’re interested in jumping on board, and they tell me they might be.

There are a couple of cable cars in Barcelona. I’ve only tried one of them and apparently this is like the other one, so I can’t speak with any kind of authority, but the one I went on (that goes up to the castle) was solid and only wobbled a very little bit, but as a Phantom that does not travel well in any transport, I have a small fear that the large, unsupported distance that would have to span the Thames (and high enough to get those giant cruise liners underneath) might make me rather green around the gills.

Nevertheless to me it still sounds great fun – a fairground ride London Eye-stylee that could become one of those must-do things for tourists. Of course there would have to be something worth seeing at either end after the Olympics to make it worthwhile. I’m not sure that either on the peninsula or the docks we’re quite there yet..

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6 Comments to “Cable Car Back on?”

  1. Andy A says:

    I hope the cable car is sufficiently away from the flight path of City Airport… could lead to a nasty surprise!

  2. OldChina says:

    For some reason when I read this I thought of The Simpsons episode where they build the monorail and the escalator that leads to nowhere!

    But a cable car could be great fun. I agree that there’s not a great deal to see round there but what the hey. At least it’ll get you across a bridge bereft piece of river.

  3. Benedict says:

    Bring back the Thames Watermen I say.

  4. Sridevi says:

    I suppose a cable car would be sort of like the cars at ski resorts….not a bad thing, but has Boris thought this through at all?!?! They would have to be reasonably priced to attract numbers if they have to break even, in which case the typical commuter would be going to Canary Wharf assuming the cars go there otherwise there wouldn’t be any routine traffic; Alternatively, they’ll be really heavily priced so that they can recover their costs from far fewer number of tourists. Wonder how much it’s supposed to cost…

  5. Jack says:

    I don’t have any particular objection to a cablecar (it will have to be pretty high though, considering the size of some of the boats that dock in Greenwich / alongside the Belfast during the season), although I can’t imagine that many people want to go from the Dome to Excel very often.

    Still, it’s private money that’s at risk this time. And, with the Blackwall Tunnel and Tower Bridge closed at nights these days, it might be an emergency route back home…

  6. Dai Smile says:

    Do the plans bear any relation to those proposed as part of the millennium celebrations? They were costed and backed by several bigwigs but shrugged off as “too expensive” [by the same people who said the Dome was "good value"]