Born To Kiln


Don’t you just love this piece of guerrilla art? Spotted by Stephen, it’s on the five foot walk just by the King Charles Building, filling up a potentially dangerous, stingray-shaped pothole in the ancient flags. It’s just the kind of whimsy that makes Greenwich buzz.

Born to Kiln is ‘self-taught outsider artist’ Jimmy South, who also works with glass. You can read an interview with him here

He says about this piece “The pothole repairs are random acts of mosaic kindness with the hope of putting a smile on peoples faces and preventing them from stumbling over.”

You can see some more of his pothole art here

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

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Downtrodden low
Downtrodden low

3 Comments to “Born To Kiln”

  1. Jack says:

    I saw that the other day when I was walking down there, and thought it was genius: I love the idea of a guerrilla potter…

  2. [...] for the Council Twitterer, then. Sounds like Eltham needs a visit from Born to Kiln but until he gets around to making a nice mosaic filling take care guys, [...]

  3. queenbeebear says:

    That is indeed excellent! Clever and insightful. love it!