When Beds Go Bad

Whilst checking out the bollards, I noticed something horrid at Lovells Wharf. When the developers bricked up our original Thames Path a few weeks ago and redirected it to their sales office (it’s all closed now) they at least planted the bricked up bit with a few bits of ‘new-development’ bedding. Now even that’s all been grubbed out.

What depresses the hell out of me is that the council just seems to have accepted that the “The Path is now closed and will remain closed for some time.” We’re told to check the council website for the details but I have spent some time on there this morning and all I can find is a page trumpeting the walk from the Thames Barrier East – nice, but not the bit I want to know about.

I know the path has to be closed while Syrol goes, but where is the impetus to force Lovells Wharf to reopen sometime before the next millennium? There seems to be no development at all going on at the rest of the site – i.e. they haven’t even started building yet. Surely they should be forced to open the path until they prove they have some sort of intention to build?

And what about these ‘danger spots’ we’re told about? Can they be fixed? I know there’s going to be a cash problem, so is there a way that local people can get involved in a practical way, to help re-open this path?

I went to see either end of the closed bit the other day; it’s a huge chunk that I used to use often. Now it’s all closed, behind high hoardings and very permanent-looking redirection signs and, what with all the other hoardings, scaffolding, plastic sheeting and dead shops, I’m beginning to wonder why people come to Greenwich at all just now.

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bad beds
bad beds

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  1. Greenwichite says:

    Well said Phantom. I’m quite accepting of most of the developments in Greenwich, but the loss of this stretch of the Thames Path really winds me up. I used to run down there, and would love to take my children cycling to the Dome and further, but there’s no chance. Frankly I’d rather have a really good Thames Path than a renovated Cutty Sark, cruise liner jetty, refurbished pier etc.

  2. Mary says:

    Phantom – Lovells -I don’t know why the beds are being grubbed up – I have put a request in to find out.
    I will also check out the current time scale for the next section – which is the big hole on the other side of the hoardings.
    I have got now all the plans and so on for the path through this area, and I’m happy to share them where I can.
    I am only too aware that many people are upset that the path is no longer on the river edge but inland behind bushes, and is designed to look like the path built on the other side of the peninsula (where it used to go on the river edge too). I am personally very sympathetic to this but I know that there are ‘design guidelines’ and stuff.
    However a lot of the detail on all this work goes through the planning process in dribs and drabs and I’ve asked Planners to let me know when they come through so that people can be alerted to object if they want (they usually go through on Planner action). The Planner dealing with this site is Fred Brown (fred.brown@greenwich.gov.uk)
    and it might be a good idea to let him know your feelings on this.
    The damaged bit further up – it is my understanding that work on this is underway, but I will get it checked out.
    Hope this is all ok.

    oh – and PS – I asked if the developer could make a hole in the hoarding overlooking the hole for the next section and put up some info. about the medieval tide mill found there last year. The message has come back to me that it would be too expensive!!!

  3. Darryl says:

    is there a way that local people can get involved in a practical way, to help re-open this path?

    This is a brilliant idea. The more people can get involved, the better.

  4. Hmmmm,,,,, I’m along there later with some bags to pinch those plants that nobody seems to want any more…..

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  6. Brenda says:

    I would help out in any way. Im still upset about this closure.

  7. Thanks for keeping on about this. I used to live in Wapping where theoretically there was a public footpath, but certain sections of it seemed to be gated off all the time. I’m sure if no-one uses it or says anything, at some point, the development owners will apply to close the footpath permanently and we’ll lose access to the river – completely wrong!

  8. Mary says:

    I’m afraid there was some misinformation in the post I gave about this yesterday – the planner who is dealing with the site has changed and it is now Louise Thayre. If anyone has questions they would like me to ask her, please let me know

  9. Otter says:

    Now this is odd: I went down there this afternoon and the ex-path is planted again – thinly, but definitely planted – with a few emptied plant pots left suggesting a process not yet completed.

    By the way, bits of the path survive – they just don’t connect up, so it’s go in and come back out the same way.