The Sirens of Titan

I’m looking forward to Bubble Theatre’s latest production, which will be adapted from Kurt Vonnegut’s The Sirens of Titan, not least because it gives me the opportunity to (slightly naughtily) use this fantastic picture, which, under any other circumstances would be decidedly off-topic.

I can’t quite work out how they’re going to do it – but that’s part of the fun of a Bubble show.¬† Aliens, robots, creepy statues, damaged spaceships – what’s not to like? I hope it’s all going to be in garish Technicolor¬†and Return to the Forbidden Planet kitsch – but hell, I’m ready to see whatever they come up with.

I notice you can get involved, too. The deadline for actors’ CVs is TODAY but if you’re technically-minded, you have a couple more days to apply for backstage stuff – like lighting people, stage managers and what will almost certainly turn out to be one hell of a challenge, prop-makers.

Summer’s suddenly looking better…

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4 Comments to “The Sirens of Titan”

  1. badwitch says:

    Sounds great – I’ll be interested in seeing it.

  2. Brenda says:

    So will I. Just hoping Oxleas Wood is not when Im on holiday.

  3. The Sirens of Titan tour dates are..
    Sydenham Wells Park 24th-27th July
    Southwark Park 29th July- 1st August
    Oxleas Woods 3rd-9th August (but not Thursday 5th)
    Hilly Fields 11th-14th August.

    And if the Phantom is wondering about how we’re going to do it, he should see our creative team – completely Syncrho Chronasticly Infundibultated.

  4. I truly can’t wait. It’s a highlight of my every summer.