Parish News

I’ve finally got round to sorting out the Parish News section and there are some fun-looking events there – so do have a peek.

Sorry to anyone whose event I missed because I took so long to do this.

Just to reiterate, the best way to send me stuff is cut-and-paste ready copy – if you send me PDFs, or stuff that I have to edit, then I usually have to put it aside until I have a moment – and that can mean I forget all about it until it’s too late…

4 Comments to “Parish News”

  1. Martin says:

    Summer Fete – Saturday 26th June 2 – 4pm

    Our Ladye, Star of the Sea,
    68 Crooms Hill, Greenwich SE10 8HG

    All welcome

  2. Stephen aka. Latelygay says:

    What were the prices like Phantom. I made the mistake a couple of weeks ago when I was meeting a new beau of suggesting The Mayflower as a nice riverside spot. I ordered a pint of Stella while he asked for a Gin & Tonic. Wanting to impress a little I ordered a large one. Cost: £12.20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The gin worked out as £3.30 X 2 and £1.40 for a baby bottle of tonic water.

    Is it any wonder the pilgrims quit The Mayflower for America at those prices.

  3. Not bad, if I recall – by that I mean I don’t remember being outraged by them, given general London prices.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Is that the owner of No.16 in Greenwich’s new movie, The Cost of Love? I thought I recognised him from The Hotel Inspectors