More Bollards

CAUTION: Tragic Phantom No-Mates Alert

I’ve been back on the trail of old cannon used as bollards, and realised there are quite a few along the Thames Path (or the bits of it we’re actually allowed on, chiz…) The game I’ve been playing (sad Phantom that I am) is trying to work out which ones are real cannon and then enjoying the different forms the fakes take.

The ones at either end of Crane St, for example. From their geography, I’d expect them to be real, but I’m not totally convinced. Certainly there are some others along there, by the new flats, that don’t even pretend to be cannon, but are fun all the same.

But the ones I want to focus on today are at that edgy point on the end of Ballast Quay, where Lovell’s Wharf begins (and the Thames Path ends, grump, grump…)

There are four in total (the pic at the top shows the two western ones, for some reason I didn’t get a picture of all four; must have been the excitement at the subject matter) all of which at first view look real. But after standing and staring at said bollards for a full minute (could have even been longer, time seemed to stand still…) and poking at the tops with spectral digits, I’m coming to the opinion that the centre two are – heavens – phoney. Very clever phoneys, but phoneys all the same.

The ones on the outside have little grooves around the top where the ball fits in the mouth of the cannon, whereas the middle pair all seem to have been moulded as one. They also seem a little slimmer than the outer pair.

For your delight and delectation, here is a pic of one of each – the suspicious character is the one with the graffiti.

But then of course they could just be two different cannons. At this point I start to wonder why I started writing this post. I’ll get me cloak…

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One Comment to “More Bollards”

  1. Paul says:

    [adopts German accent]
    Very interesting… For how long have you been obsessed with cannons? Lie down on zis couch and tell me about your childhood.